February 3, 2016

For real?

I seriously had one  post in 2015?!  ONE Post?!  My goodness.  How could I have let this happen? (rhetorical.) :)

Life's busy, but I really want to try to capture some moments like I used to.  Otherwise, it seems my memory fails me more and more!

Just the other day, I went to the school because Maddie was having a coughing fit.  I left work and stopped to get her some cough drops.  As I arrived at the school, she was sitting in the office working on her school work.  I sat down with her and our conversation went like this:

Me: Hi baby, have a cough drop.  What are you working on.
Her: (being too cool, already at the age of six to be rattled by her mom's presence) School work.
Me:  Oh, that's good.
Her: I better get back to class
Me: Wait!  Don't you want to sit with me for a minute? It's not everyday your mom comes to the school.  Maybe I can go visit Mickie too...She'd probably be pretty sad if she knew I was here and I didn't say hi.
Her:  Mom, I'll tell you you said hi.  You can't go in there because she's learning!
Me: (paused and taken aback, smiling)
Her: What's a seven look like
Me: I make a seven in the air.
Her: thanks. I need to go back to class now!
Me: (as she's walking away) I love you!
Her: (turns around and blows me a kiss!)

It was a very precious interaction, although brief.

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