December 18, 2014

This is me through the holidays

December 5, 2014

I need more toilet paper!

You know the saying: Life is like a roll of toilet paper, it goes faster and faster as you get to the end."

If that's true, then I am kinda nervous!  Time is going by so fast, but that's what blogging is about, right?  To capture moments... an online journal.  So let me try to capture some moments here.

Wednesday, before Thanksgiving, I was in a great frame of mind.  I was leaving work, prepared to cook dinner for 12 people and prepare my items for Thanksgiving dinner.  Ryan and I had worked really hard on the house to get it to "guest ready" in the days before and now it was time to cook.   I left work at about 11 AM and went to Walmart for last minute items.  I got home and put away groceries, made two pies, a casserole, a veggie tray, dip, lemonade, and dinner.  Our out of town guests arrived and my thoughts were still very positive.  I was really trying to slow things down and enjoy the time with family.  Ryan was still working.

We visited and we waited on dinner for when Ryan got home.  Now you may picture a snowball, already the size of  a basketball, gaining mass and momentum as it propels it's way through the holiday.  From then on, there were no fewer than 14 people in the house at any one moment.  There were constant dishes.  Constant hungry kids.  Constant cleaning toilets and changing out towels.  Constant picking up after people that, evidently, thought the floor was just as good as a trash can.

Our little nephew (1.5 yrs old) was into everything.  He broke the PVC pipe that comes out of our central air unit for condensation.  And here's the one that hurt:  He swung a baseball bat at our 58" plasma TV and cracked it.  Ouch.  Of course, his parents (Ryan's brother) were very sorry and bought us a new TV. It just sucks because it caused huge turmoil, bad feelings, and money spent that could have been used for Christmas.  The snowball now: size of a VW beetle.

By Saturday, the size of my metaphorical snowball is about the size of our van and we were picking up three of Ryan's children that had been out of town with their mother.  On the way to the airport (45 minute drive),  my throat started to hurt.  On the way back from the airport, I had started to run a fever and my throat was killing me. I couldn't talk or be excited to see the children.  I cried on the way home because that's what I do when I am sick.   I cry. Usually, I cry very ugly when I am sick.  The sicker I am, the more the ugly waterworks.

We got home and the snowball hit a brick wall and exploded in a million snowflakes.  As I walked into the door, I saw this metal stool (it's a stool that has 2 steps up... my grandmother had one and a friend got me this one at an antique store) just laying on the hardwood floor while everyone else, along with 5 other guests just sat there!!  I marched to the stool, picked it up, and said, "SERIOUSLY?"

I then marched past everyone into my room and slammed the door.  I cried.  Now, if you know me at all, you would know that my outburst was because I was sick.  Little did I know at the time that I was sicker than I have been in years.  That night my fever climbed to about 103 degrees.  I could hear Ryan telling people that they needed to clean up their mess and he told the kids that if they didn't pick up their trash they would have to go sit next to their parents for the rest of the night!

On Sunday, people started to leave.  I took the twins and dropped them off at their dads and proceeded to go to urgent care.   I waited in line (standing up!) for over 20 minutes before I thought I was going to pass out.  I looked around at the 15 people that were in front of me and wearily made it back to the van.  I slumped over the steering wheel and cried some more before heading home.

As I passed another urgent care, I quickly turned around because there were very few cars in the parking lot.  I actually walked right up, filled out my paperwork and got in very quickly.  By then, Ryan's sister dropped him off so that he could drive me home.  I had strep throat.  I got some antibiotics and went home to bed.  I didn't see the rest of the people off, but at about 5 pm on Sunday afternoon, Ryan stumbled into our room and told me everyone had left.  The house was in shambles and so was I.

I spent this entire week recovering from strep.  I actually had to get meds that numbed my mouth and throat because I hadn't eaten or drank anything in two and a half days.  Every time I tried, it felt like I was swallowing shards of glass.  I couldn't even swallow my own spit!!  I was on the verge of going to the ER when my doctor prescribed me this solution on Tuesday.  It was heaven... finally.  I downed several glasses of water and ate three bites of mashed potatoes.

I came back to work yesterday thinking I would only work a half day, but you know that didn't happen.

So, there's 2014 rundown of Thanksgiving.

This was my Thanksgiving in 2010.  Sounds silly maybe, but if I had to chose, between 2014 and 2010, I would choose 2014's Thanksgiving.  Mostly because, life is always going to be challenging, but I am married to the man that makes all life's challenges easier to take on.