November 6, 2014

The last post before I went on hiatus

In November 2011, I posted this: Really (I titled it "Really" because I used that word a lot in the post.  I know right?  I am so clever.)

And it's cray cray to see how far I have come.

I still favor bullets, so I'll use that format again.

  • I was pleased to find a job.  And I am still proud of myself for getting back into the workforce even though I don't hold that specific job anymore.  I worked there until June of 2012 and that's when I came to work here.  (I am not going to disclose where "here" is because I don't wanna).  But it's here that I met my current husband.  It's here that I take pride in working.  And it's here that I hope I am employed for a long time.
  • I posted that it was a woman owned company.  Yeah, that was cool.  Her husband was not.
  • Mickie was having a hard time with me going to work.  They still hate it!! of course and now, not only do I have to say bye to come to work, I have to say bye every other week when they go to daddies.
  • Since then, the girls haven't had Nursemaids elbow.  THANK GOODNESS. I heard one story where a child had it when they were 7 years old!!  7!! They had to put him to sleep to get it back into place.  Finger's crossed that doesn't happen.
  • The girls were potty trained pretty easily.  They actually weren't "ready" when I posted this and I waited several months before trying again.  They were about 2.5 years old when they were potty trained and it took a couple of weeks, 4 tops, for each of them.  Although, I did it different for each girl.  Maddie= chocolate bribes.  It was a battle of wills with Mickie.  I won.
  • I still love listening to the girls conversations.  And I love my conversations with them.  Here's one with Mickie day before yesterday:
Mick: Daddy is going to take me to the mall to buy new shoes because all we have at his house is flip flops.
Me: Really? that's wonderful.  What kind of shoes are you going to get?
Mick: It's a secret.
Me: What?!
Mick: Okay, I'll tell you.  I am going to get read ones that sparkle and have heals and Maddie is going to get boots and they are different because that's what we like.

  • They are still within a pound of each other and a 1/2" in height.  I have no idea what percentile.  I don't know what age I stopped caring!
  • And yes, it's November already.... again!!

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