November 12, 2014


It's officially cold.  The first snow happened last night.  I don't mean the dusting, I mean the 'collected enough to make people drive stupid' snow fall.  It was actually my first experience driving the Nissan NV 3500 in the snow.  Granted the thing weighs over 4 tons, almost 5, but I was still concerned that it didn't have 4 wheel drive!  HA!

I dropped the girls off at school (and I'll come back to this in a sec) and was talking to my mom on the phone.  She said, "be careful, the roads are slick."  I said, "are they?" :) I had no idea.  The Big Ass Van drove like a dream.  BUT, the sliding door was frozen shut and the girls had to climb over the front seat.  And the windshield wiper's were frozen to the windshield.  Of course, this is because it's too big to fit in our garage.  I guess I am going to have to get my rear end outside early to let it warm up.

Now, back to the twins.  They annoy each other.  A lot lately.  I mean, they are constantly bickering.  Maddie has tendencies like her father and teases way just a little too much.  It upsets Mickie greatly.  I was going to wait until they went to kindergarten next year to put them in separate classes, but have changed my mind because of this recent arguing.  I asked the pre-school today if they can be in separate classes and they said they would make the change today.  I think this is good.  They need to feel like individuals and I think even teachers tend to lump them together so this will allow each teacher to evaluate one of them and not the other.  Also, can you imagine spending every waking hour with your sibling?  I sure as hell can't.

I asked Mickie this morning: "what do you think about separate classes?"
Immediately she replied, "yes, please."
(She is like a ten year old in a 5 year old's body)

I asked Maddie and she said, "you could ask Miss Beth about separate classes," with a smile.
(She is a five year old in a 5 year old's body!)

I suggested we move Mickie since she was all for it.  I'll let you know how the change goes.  I am hoping that they might be happy to see each other and be able to play with each other after spending all day apart.

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