October 13, 2014

Where am I?

We have two lil doggies.  A Chorkie (Chihuahua and Yorkie mix) and a pure bred Yorkie.  Tootsie and Toto, respectively.  We are hoping that Tootsie will become a mama and we can have our amateur attempt at breeding our precious doggies.

I used to keep their kennels in our room, but they drove me crazy!!   I moved the kennels to the living room by the back door.  I have to say that Tootsie has always been a good little sleeper.  Never wetting her doggie bed and never whining all hours of the night.  Toto, not so much. I don't know what Toto does in there to try an make himself comfortable and ready for sleep, but it sounds like he is beating his head against the side of the over-sized kennel!  "what is wrong with that dog?"  I ask Ryan and think to myself, no wonder we got him cheaper than the rest of the litter.

Anyway, the last couple of weeks the twins have not been sleeping soundly either.  I am up at least 3 times a night because one or both of them is whining or dreaming.  (Don't get me wrong, I will always get up.  There will never be a time when one of them has a bad dream or needs a drink of water and I am not up for them.  But I will blog about it.)  Last night, it was as if the dogs and the girls were orchestrating a symphony of whines to keep me on my toes.

The dogs were whining so I went to see which one needed to go out.  Silence.

While standing by the dog kennels I heard one of the girls cry out so I go to check it out.  Silence.

I hear one of the dogs whine again and I walk back out to the living room.  Silence.

WTF??  Where the hell am I?  Am I dreaming?  In my groggy mindset, I actually consider this a possibility.  I consider that I have dreamt the whole thing and that everyone is fine.  So I put the dogs outside and can tell that it must have been Tootsie, if one of them, that needed to go out.  She runs to the corner of the yard and squats like she is going to take a dump but nothing happens.  This has occurred several nights now.  Would this be equivalent to morning sickness?  I hope so.

I let them back in and go back to bed.  Pretty soon, I hear little breathes next to my ear.  I wake up to find Mickie standing at my bed.

Mickie: "I'm thirsty"

I get up and take her, wordlessly, to the bathroom to fill up the glass with tap water.

Mickie: "No, mama, I need cold water."

Me: "It is cold cause it's cold outside."  I let the water run for a second knowing that she isn't going to fall for that one.

Mickie takes a small drink.  "Nope, it's hot."

Me: "Go back to bed.... I'll go get ice."  Dammit.

I go get ice in her cup and the dogs are whining again.  Seriously!!!  I decide that this is the last time I am dealing with the dogs and let them outside and close the curtain.  (that's their cue that I am not coming back to let them in.)

I take the ice water to Mickie and get a nod and a content sigh. "Better" she says and rolls over to go back to sleep.  I go back to bed and hear Toto bark a couple of times and tried to block him out.

Fortunately it worked and I woke up to the alarm a mere four hours later.

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