October 29, 2014

This post isn't about the dogs

The dogs were being their usual pain-in-the-butt-but-still-very-cute selves the other night.  They kept whining to go out and I went once to let them out.  I hung out at the door and let them back in about 5 minutes later.  I went back to bed and withing a couple minutes Tootsie was whining again.  Then Toto started in too.  I told Ryan that they were staying out tonight.  I went to let them out and closed the curtain. (which mean's I am not coming back).

I got back in bed and said, "they are so cute even though they are annoying."

Ryan said, "what'd they do?"

Me- "Their bed was in the yard and they both ran to it and sat on it side by side looking at the house.  They cuddled up to one another and laid down, all content."

Ryan- "That's probably what they want; to be together.  I know that if I had to sleep in a separate kennel from you, I would whine all night long."


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