October 27, 2014

So close it's spooky

Halloween is right around the corner and what used to be a day of dressing up and getting candy has turned into a week worth of building up and practicing for the actual day.

We had a zombie walk contest this weekend!  We helped the kids get all made up in their zombie best and gave a prize to the winner and goodie bags to all the participants.  Andrea, the eldest, had a couple of friends over but I didn't picture them because I don't want to put other people's kids on the internet.  My kids are fine. ;)

Andrea's shirt says "keep calm and kill people"  She was very good.

Ryan and I helped Kara with her make up and she won.  She had a really great zombie walk and a lot of Halloween spirit!

The 5 year old trio.  Very good zombies and a kitty that is a little too sexy.  That is very scary.

The bullet hole was my creation (I'm pretty proud of it!) and Lincoln was one of the judges so he couldn't win, but he did get a goodie bag for participating.

Lil Nolan (3 yrs) helped dada judge and didn't participate, but he got candy too.

We had all seven kids this weekend plus four of Andrea's friends.  Lincoln got baptized and we made some scary sugar cookies.  My weekend was WONDERFUL, how was yours?

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