October 6, 2014

Last Week and Some Randomness

Both girls have been sick this week.  Which, for any mom, sucks.  For me, having rehearsal this week and my regularly scheduled work week, it not only sucks, but it blows too.  Each night this week, I have gotten about 3 hours of solid sleep.  The rest of the dark hours have been consumed with re-covering the girls about 100 times a piece, letting the dogs out to pee, going to the bathroom, sitting with one of the girls while they go to the bathroom, leg rubs, tylenol dispensing, and stubbing my toe on the stupid step stool trying to locate the tylenol cup in the dark bathroom.

Of course there are the sweet cuddles and snuggles.  There is the blanket sharing and forehead to forehead whispers.  There is the cute-as-could be nothings that only my little girls would say at 2:30 a.m.  There is rocking and requests for mom's lullabies.

The latter is what keeps me sane during times when the girls aren't feeling well.

Maddie was afraid to lay on the heating pad (on low).  I told her it might sooth her ear ache.  She laid on it for about a minute before saying that her ear felt better.  I don't think it got up to temperature yet!  But by morning, she is a pro (having done it one time) and wanted to show Mickie.  Mickie looks at me and says, "it's gonna make her ear bigger, mamma?"


I started writing the above post on Friday.  Since then, I turned my music in and didn't play in the concert.  Which kinda makes me sad, but I was getting the crud the girls had, so it' wouldn't have been enjoyable.  I took Maddie to the doctor on Friday and she had an ear infection in her right ear.  She is a tough lil nugget, that one.  She could be hurting really bad and you wouldn't really know it.  On the contrary, Mickie shows when she is hurting.  They are with their dad this week.

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