October 17, 2014

I thought the goat was exciting

So here I am all squeaky about the goat on my porch last night, when I was determined to find my old blog.  You see have have had several over the years.  The infertility blog was deleted, but then when the girls were a year old I started another blog.  I thought that I deleted that one too until Vooaalaa!  I found it.  So I have "blended" (I know you like that, don't you) the two blogs because that's my life right now!!  You're probably thinking- whoa.  did I click the right link?  where is theblendeddavisfamily?  We are here! I just need to update the about me us page and do a little updating.

HA! I am so exited and very anxious to get the two blogs blended and to maybe contact some of my old friends.

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