October 6, 2014

4 Going On 16

This week is Maddie (Madison) and Mickie's (Mackenzie) 5th Birthday.  I cannot believe it's been 5 years!  I mean, I know all moms are like My baby is growing up too fast!  But I went through a lot more to conceive and have these girls than the normal mom and time really does fly.

In 2006 I got the baby fever and started longing for a baby.  My ex-husband was pretty tough to convince that we should try for a baby.  I finally convinced him and nothing happened. For months nothing happened.  We went through extensive testing to find out that we had less than a 1% chance to have a child naturally; we needed medical assistance.  Over then next two years my body became a science experiment and I nearly died from a reaction to fertility meds (seriously).  I miscarried after I "got better" from the reaction a week before Thanksgiving 2008.  In February of 2009 my ex and I tried another round of IVF and successfully got pregnant with twins.  On October 8th, after a very difficult pregnancy, I gave birth to the two most beautiful girls in the world.  The girls were healthy but I was not. I remained hospitalized for a week after they were born and finally left the hospital 30 pounds lighter than my pre-pregnancy weight.

The girls were healthy, but colicky!  They cried, and I am not kidding, from 2 months old until 9 months old.  At one point we were spending $400 a month on formula (which is a drop in the bucket compared to what we spent to get them here).   After switching pediatricians a number of times and taking them to various specialists, I ended up at a pediatric chiropractor's office.  It was.a.miracle.  They stopped crying.  It was like someone turned it off.  That (heaven sent) chiropractor aligned those little bodies and made them all better.

The rest, as they say, is history.  After that, they have been your typical babies, toddlers, and little girls.  My ex-husband and I have a pretty successful divorce and share the girls 50/50.  We attend dance class together, are able to celebrate birthdays together, and for the most part you would think that this is the way it has always been.  The girls are very lucky to have such great co-parents.  Plus, my sweet husband Ryan treats them like his own children and they love him dearly.  Where step-dads are concerned-they hit the jackpot.

The girls said that they want to go to Chuck E Cheese for their birthday and their wish list includes: boots, guitar, cowgirl hat, and two Frozen toys.

Maddie is on the left, Mickie on the right.  Born October 8th, 2009 at 1:32 and 1:38 a.m.  Maddie is 6 minutes older.

Newest school pictures  

They were flower girls in a wedding recently.  Best flower girls ever!

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