September 25, 2014

Did you hear that?!

Funny thing Ryan said to me yesterday: "The most comforting thing in my life is knowing football season is right now."  I looked and him and said, "Ouch."  We laughed and I told him that the honeymoon must be over!

A phone conversation with Maddie (4 yrs).
Me: how was school yesterday, baby?
Maddie: (long pause) (sigh)  It was hard.
Me: really?  how come?
Maddie: because we learned about elephants.
Me:  Oh.. and you don't like elephants?
Maddie:  I like elephants! It was just a hard day and I don't want to go back.
Me: Well, I am sure that your dad (she's with him this week) or I can help you with elephants.  Do you want to go back to school tomorrow?
Maddie: Okay, I'll go back.
Yep.. Elephants can be tricky.  :)

Skyping with Nolan (3 yrs):
"Hi dada.  I want to come to dada howse."  Us too buddy!!  So cute.
Naomi (5yrs) is trying to hold Nolan up to show us that he's "nated!"  (naked)  Her giggle is intoxicating

On the day of my baptism, I awoke to these noises:
Andrea (12 yrs) practicing her flute
Kara (10Yrs) practicing the hymn that was sung at the baptism
Little feet running up and down the hall
Little kids playing and laughing
The sound of bacon cooking
Lincoln (7yrs) playing Minecraft downstairs

The twins and I driving home from school, jamming to a good song on the radio, I turned around and was clapping and singing to them briefly.  Mickie (4 yrs) says, "MOM!  watch where you're going, you're going to crash us!"

Anytime Lincoln begins a sentence:  "uh da daaaa-uh" 

Whenever Mickie is upset, "I just had a hard day."  (while crying)

SO many more that I can't even think of! I'm going to really try hard to capture funny things said and done by the kiddos.

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