December 18, 2014

This is me through the holidays

December 5, 2014

I need more toilet paper!

You know the saying: Life is like a roll of toilet paper, it goes faster and faster as you get to the end."

If that's true, then I am kinda nervous!  Time is going by so fast, but that's what blogging is about, right?  To capture moments... an online journal.  So let me try to capture some moments here.

Wednesday, before Thanksgiving, I was in a great frame of mind.  I was leaving work, prepared to cook dinner for 12 people and prepare my items for Thanksgiving dinner.  Ryan and I had worked really hard on the house to get it to "guest ready" in the days before and now it was time to cook.   I left work at about 11 AM and went to Walmart for last minute items.  I got home and put away groceries, made two pies, a casserole, a veggie tray, dip, lemonade, and dinner.  Our out of town guests arrived and my thoughts were still very positive.  I was really trying to slow things down and enjoy the time with family.  Ryan was still working.

We visited and we waited on dinner for when Ryan got home.  Now you may picture a snowball, already the size of  a basketball, gaining mass and momentum as it propels it's way through the holiday.  From then on, there were no fewer than 14 people in the house at any one moment.  There were constant dishes.  Constant hungry kids.  Constant cleaning toilets and changing out towels.  Constant picking up after people that, evidently, thought the floor was just as good as a trash can.

Our little nephew (1.5 yrs old) was into everything.  He broke the PVC pipe that comes out of our central air unit for condensation.  And here's the one that hurt:  He swung a baseball bat at our 58" plasma TV and cracked it.  Ouch.  Of course, his parents (Ryan's brother) were very sorry and bought us a new TV. It just sucks because it caused huge turmoil, bad feelings, and money spent that could have been used for Christmas.  The snowball now: size of a VW beetle.

By Saturday, the size of my metaphorical snowball is about the size of our van and we were picking up three of Ryan's children that had been out of town with their mother.  On the way to the airport (45 minute drive),  my throat started to hurt.  On the way back from the airport, I had started to run a fever and my throat was killing me. I couldn't talk or be excited to see the children.  I cried on the way home because that's what I do when I am sick.   I cry. Usually, I cry very ugly when I am sick.  The sicker I am, the more the ugly waterworks.

We got home and the snowball hit a brick wall and exploded in a million snowflakes.  As I walked into the door, I saw this metal stool (it's a stool that has 2 steps up... my grandmother had one and a friend got me this one at an antique store) just laying on the hardwood floor while everyone else, along with 5 other guests just sat there!!  I marched to the stool, picked it up, and said, "SERIOUSLY?"

I then marched past everyone into my room and slammed the door.  I cried.  Now, if you know me at all, you would know that my outburst was because I was sick.  Little did I know at the time that I was sicker than I have been in years.  That night my fever climbed to about 103 degrees.  I could hear Ryan telling people that they needed to clean up their mess and he told the kids that if they didn't pick up their trash they would have to go sit next to their parents for the rest of the night!

On Sunday, people started to leave.  I took the twins and dropped them off at their dads and proceeded to go to urgent care.   I waited in line (standing up!) for over 20 minutes before I thought I was going to pass out.  I looked around at the 15 people that were in front of me and wearily made it back to the van.  I slumped over the steering wheel and cried some more before heading home.

As I passed another urgent care, I quickly turned around because there were very few cars in the parking lot.  I actually walked right up, filled out my paperwork and got in very quickly.  By then, Ryan's sister dropped him off so that he could drive me home.  I had strep throat.  I got some antibiotics and went home to bed.  I didn't see the rest of the people off, but at about 5 pm on Sunday afternoon, Ryan stumbled into our room and told me everyone had left.  The house was in shambles and so was I.

I spent this entire week recovering from strep.  I actually had to get meds that numbed my mouth and throat because I hadn't eaten or drank anything in two and a half days.  Every time I tried, it felt like I was swallowing shards of glass.  I couldn't even swallow my own spit!!  I was on the verge of going to the ER when my doctor prescribed me this solution on Tuesday.  It was heaven... finally.  I downed several glasses of water and ate three bites of mashed potatoes.

I came back to work yesterday thinking I would only work a half day, but you know that didn't happen.

So, there's 2014 rundown of Thanksgiving.

This was my Thanksgiving in 2010.  Sounds silly maybe, but if I had to chose, between 2014 and 2010, I would choose 2014's Thanksgiving.  Mostly because, life is always going to be challenging, but I am married to the man that makes all life's challenges easier to take on.

November 17, 2014

If you're wondering

Our goat, Chris, left us.

There was one morning that I heard a ruckus outside; like maybe someone trying to wrangle a goat.  I looked outside and he was gone.  There was no sign of struggle, except the bird bath was knocked over. (I guess there was a sign of struggle)

He's not been back since.


I am very aware that I don't understand everything.  There are many things in this world that I am naive to.  Here are a couple things that you may be able to help me with:

Something on my blog went viral (for me anyway!).  I mean-it's not like I got 1 million hits or anything.  It was 1558.  WHAT??  Now it makes my 50 hits per day seem pretty insignificant.  Not to say that any of my readers, the few there are, are insignificant.  It's just that now, my stats are all screwy.

Is it a fluke?

And how is it that I barely hit the "Publish" button, and I already have one view of the post?

Also, please tell me what this means:

It shows up by my name in the list of posts and I googled it and read that it means that someone "liked" or shared my post I guess, but I have no idea who!!

November 12, 2014


It's officially cold.  The first snow happened last night.  I don't mean the dusting, I mean the 'collected enough to make people drive stupid' snow fall.  It was actually my first experience driving the Nissan NV 3500 in the snow.  Granted the thing weighs over 4 tons, almost 5, but I was still concerned that it didn't have 4 wheel drive!  HA!

I dropped the girls off at school (and I'll come back to this in a sec) and was talking to my mom on the phone.  She said, "be careful, the roads are slick."  I said, "are they?" :) I had no idea.  The Big Ass Van drove like a dream.  BUT, the sliding door was frozen shut and the girls had to climb over the front seat.  And the windshield wiper's were frozen to the windshield.  Of course, this is because it's too big to fit in our garage.  I guess I am going to have to get my rear end outside early to let it warm up.

Now, back to the twins.  They annoy each other.  A lot lately.  I mean, they are constantly bickering.  Maddie has tendencies like her father and teases way just a little too much.  It upsets Mickie greatly.  I was going to wait until they went to kindergarten next year to put them in separate classes, but have changed my mind because of this recent arguing.  I asked the pre-school today if they can be in separate classes and they said they would make the change today.  I think this is good.  They need to feel like individuals and I think even teachers tend to lump them together so this will allow each teacher to evaluate one of them and not the other.  Also, can you imagine spending every waking hour with your sibling?  I sure as hell can't.

I asked Mickie this morning: "what do you think about separate classes?"
Immediately she replied, "yes, please."
(She is like a ten year old in a 5 year old's body)

I asked Maddie and she said, "you could ask Miss Beth about separate classes," with a smile.
(She is a five year old in a 5 year old's body!)

I suggested we move Mickie since she was all for it.  I'll let you know how the change goes.  I am hoping that they might be happy to see each other and be able to play with each other after spending all day apart.

November 6, 2014

The last post before I went on hiatus

In November 2011, I posted this: Really (I titled it "Really" because I used that word a lot in the post.  I know right?  I am so clever.)

And it's cray cray to see how far I have come.

I still favor bullets, so I'll use that format again.

  • I was pleased to find a job.  And I am still proud of myself for getting back into the workforce even though I don't hold that specific job anymore.  I worked there until June of 2012 and that's when I came to work here.  (I am not going to disclose where "here" is because I don't wanna).  But it's here that I met my current husband.  It's here that I take pride in working.  And it's here that I hope I am employed for a long time.
  • I posted that it was a woman owned company.  Yeah, that was cool.  Her husband was not.
  • Mickie was having a hard time with me going to work.  They still hate it!! of course and now, not only do I have to say bye to come to work, I have to say bye every other week when they go to daddies.
  • Since then, the girls haven't had Nursemaids elbow.  THANK GOODNESS. I heard one story where a child had it when they were 7 years old!!  7!! They had to put him to sleep to get it back into place.  Finger's crossed that doesn't happen.
  • The girls were potty trained pretty easily.  They actually weren't "ready" when I posted this and I waited several months before trying again.  They were about 2.5 years old when they were potty trained and it took a couple of weeks, 4 tops, for each of them.  Although, I did it different for each girl.  Maddie= chocolate bribes.  It was a battle of wills with Mickie.  I won.
  • I still love listening to the girls conversations.  And I love my conversations with them.  Here's one with Mickie day before yesterday:
Mick: Daddy is going to take me to the mall to buy new shoes because all we have at his house is flip flops.
Me: Really? that's wonderful.  What kind of shoes are you going to get?
Mick: It's a secret.
Me: What?!
Mick: Okay, I'll tell you.  I am going to get read ones that sparkle and have heals and Maddie is going to get boots and they are different because that's what we like.

  • They are still within a pound of each other and a 1/2" in height.  I have no idea what percentile.  I don't know what age I stopped caring!
  • And yes, it's November already.... again!!

November 4, 2014

Holy Canoli

I've been busy!  Which is good, but makes me so sleepy.  Uber sleepy, if you will.  I just wanted to use the word 'uber'.

I am so glad Halloween is over!  I mean, what used to be one day of dressing up and trick or treating has turned into a weeks worth of activities from dance class parties to school parties to church parties to the actual night of trick or treating!  I'm pooped.  And I even got good rest this weekend, but I feel like I am coming down from a sugar high myself.  I probably am.

This week at work has been really busy too and that makes the day go fast, but it also makes me tired.  Plus I have symphony rehearsal this week.  Which is fun.  But tiring.

Did I mention I am tired?

Anyway, it's going to seem like I am bragging here and perhaps I am.  I am one strong woman.  There, I said it. It's out there.  Okay :) here's why:

We were talking in church the other day about how you have to see blessings from the trials in your life.  One woman brought up her divorce and I have total empathy and sympathy.  I have experienced divorce and know that there are blessings that come from that trial, even though it's not easy.  Another woman talked about how she went out for a night on the town with her girlfriends and saw others standing in line to get coats (from charity) and she felt really bad that she had a coat while others didn't. (I'm not sure if this woman got the jist of the topic).

One of my friends leaned in and said to me, "I don't want to tell mine because it seems small compared to ... (the divorced lady)."  And I thought... Should I speak up?  Should I talk about the eight years worth of trials that include infertility, loss, sickness, near death experiences, entering the workforce again, divorce, and starting a new home on my own; then realizing that this is the only path that I could have taken to receive the blessings I have today (my twin girls, remarrying, a co-parent relationship for the girls, a large, wonderful, blended family, and so many more)?

I chose not to speak up, but realized that I have many blessings.  I am a very strong woman.  And through trials do come blessings.

October 29, 2014

This post isn't about the dogs

The dogs were being their usual pain-in-the-butt-but-still-very-cute selves the other night.  They kept whining to go out and I went once to let them out.  I hung out at the door and let them back in about 5 minutes later.  I went back to bed and withing a couple minutes Tootsie was whining again.  Then Toto started in too.  I told Ryan that they were staying out tonight.  I went to let them out and closed the curtain. (which mean's I am not coming back).

I got back in bed and said, "they are so cute even though they are annoying."

Ryan said, "what'd they do?"

Me- "Their bed was in the yard and they both ran to it and sat on it side by side looking at the house.  They cuddled up to one another and laid down, all content."

Ryan- "That's probably what they want; to be together.  I know that if I had to sleep in a separate kennel from you, I would whine all night long."


October 27, 2014

So close it's spooky

Halloween is right around the corner and what used to be a day of dressing up and getting candy has turned into a week worth of building up and practicing for the actual day.

We had a zombie walk contest this weekend!  We helped the kids get all made up in their zombie best and gave a prize to the winner and goodie bags to all the participants.  Andrea, the eldest, had a couple of friends over but I didn't picture them because I don't want to put other people's kids on the internet.  My kids are fine. ;)

Andrea's shirt says "keep calm and kill people"  She was very good.

Ryan and I helped Kara with her make up and she won.  She had a really great zombie walk and a lot of Halloween spirit!

The 5 year old trio.  Very good zombies and a kitty that is a little too sexy.  That is very scary.

The bullet hole was my creation (I'm pretty proud of it!) and Lincoln was one of the judges so he couldn't win, but he did get a goodie bag for participating.

Lil Nolan (3 yrs) helped dada judge and didn't participate, but he got candy too.

We had all seven kids this weekend plus four of Andrea's friends.  Lincoln got baptized and we made some scary sugar cookies.  My weekend was WONDERFUL, how was yours?

Go Broncos!

This post has been sitting as a draft for over a week now!  ooops.    This post is about the Bronco game that Ryan and I were lucky enough to go to.  That's right, the one where Manning made history.  That game. :)  It was awesome.  And did I mention that we got to go for free?

I have a friend who is divorced and hot.  Her husband cheated on her and they were divorced nearly four years ago.  Not only is she hot, but she's got a great personality.  Consequently, she has a few men that want to dode upon her.  And why not.  She deserves it.  So a friend of hers has club level season tickets to the Broncos and had extra tickets (not club level but still great seats) because another couple bailed on him.  Enter Lachelle and Ryan.  We got to spend the night before the game in a loft in downtown Denver which was probably the nicest (and most expensive) place I have ever stayed.  It was a stones throw from Coors Field (where the Rockies play) and not only were we spoiled in our accommodations, we also got into several clubs for free because the guy knew the owners or the talent.  :)

AND, while my friend was living it up watching the game in the club level, she met Patrick Roy.  (Avalanche head coach and famous goalie) And got his number.   It was a great weekend.

October 20, 2014

Microblog Monday - His Name is Chris

Apparently, the goat has adopted us.  I thought he was gone; that we had scared him away.  Alas, he is not. In fact he has been eating our pumpkins!  This weekend we went out of town and made sure our dogs and our goat were taken care of.

And now.. there is goat poop everywhere!  The girls wanted to name him Elsa, but I told them Elsa was a girls name so they decided on Christoff.  And Ryan liked William.  So his full name is Christoff William Goat.  Or Chris Billy Goat, for short.

Can anyone give me any advice on what to do with this goat? (Like, "keep it because...." or "feed it ......"  or "call ..... to get rid of it")


Visit Mel for more Microblog Monday Madness (I added the "madness" part):

October 17, 2014

I thought the goat was exciting

So here I am all squeaky about the goat on my porch last night, when I was determined to find my old blog.  You see have have had several over the years.  The infertility blog was deleted, but then when the girls were a year old I started another blog.  I thought that I deleted that one too until Vooaalaa!  I found it.  So I have "blended" (I know you like that, don't you) the two blogs because that's my life right now!!  You're probably thinking- whoa.  did I click the right link?  where is theblendeddavisfamily?  We are here! I just need to update the about me us page and do a little updating.

HA! I am so exited and very anxious to get the two blogs blended and to maybe contact some of my old friends.

Goat Friendly Porch

Last night, after picking the girls up from school, we were greeted by this guy when we got home.  

And how cute is that!  I pulled into the driveway and he almost went into the garage, but I closed it as I saw him and he went back up on the porch.  The girls wanted to keep him, but I don't know the first thing about goats.  There are a lot of people in our rural neighborhood that have chickens, goats, horses, sheep, etc.  

I had a notary coming over so that we could close on our refi, so I called her and said, "Uh, this is kinda weird, but I don't want you to be startled.  There is a goat on my porch."  She was asking me all of these questions that I thought were weird having never met this woman.  Like, "Is he healthy?" and "Has this happened before?" I was thinking, you're missing the point, lady.  

Anyway, the girls loved him, and kept looking out the window to see if he was still there.  He stayed for a couple of hours.  Ryan called a nearby friend that had other goats to see if he wanted to come get him.  He said yes and asked if we would tie him up.  Ryan and I went out to see if we could get him ready for transport and he was gone.  :(  

I told the girls that he went back to his mama.  Our friend said that they don't normally wonder too far from where they live, so hopefully, I am correct in that he went home. 

October 16, 2014

Now that's love

The other day, driving home, Ryan tried to pick my nose.  I had a low-hanger and he was willing to get it for me.  I said, "do I have a bat in the cave?" as I pulled the mirror down to look at it.  I struggled for several seconds to try to dislodge the bat to no avail.

I look over to see Ryan picking his nose to give himself a low-hanger so that I wouldn't have one alone.  How sweet is he?!  To know that my husband won't let me face with world with a boogie hanging from my nose alone.  He'll have one too.

Bribery vs. Work Ethics

Remember the days when a quarter would get you something?

A piece of bubblegum
A pack of Wrigley gum
A phone call at a payphone (I remember when you could page someone with the payphone number and they could call you for free!  I had a great pager when I was in high school.  It was green and alpha-numeric.  I digress.)
For two quarters you could by a soda
Air (for tires)
A pack of baseball cards

But now-a-days a quarter doesn't get you too far.  However, in the Davis household, a quarter will get Maddie up and out of bed, she will do chores, help clean up, set the table, get water in the glasses, and many, many more things.  Kara will eat things she otherwise wouldn't eat.. and So will Andrea (for a couple quarters anyway).  For a dollar or two the dog poop will be scooped, the dishwasher unloaded, the house vacuumed, etc.

At first I though it might be "wrong" to try to "bribe" the kids to do things.  But I am the queen of rationalization and I think that I am not bribing... in fact I am encouraging good work habits and ethics.  I have to get up every morning.  Why?  Because I need to make money.  I have to get up and go to work.  My boss is bribing me with a quarter (obviously on a grander scale) everyday and in order to get it, I have to do certain things.

I would rather reward the kids for doing something to earn money as apposed to dishing out allowance for them doing nothing out of the ordinary.

October 14, 2014


Does it really matter when someone says "What the freak?" Instead of the actual "What the F***?" The latter is the strongest curse word (I think) and it gets thrown around all the time, but it's all good because if I substitute "freak" instead, I'm cool.  Would I be okay with my children saying "W.T.F."?  No, I wouldn't-even if they said "mom, I mean freak, not f***."  Because it's all about what is implied.

The reason I ponder this is because someone at church kept saying "what the freak?" the other day.  I mean, every other phrase... Does it really make a difference that he said freak?  The same thing was implied to me each time he said it and I started to get annoyed thinking just say it!

It's like when people say O.M.G. for "Oh My God", but will not say "God." (I don't either, which means I am as guilty as "freak" guy, I guess.) They will tell you that they are implying "Gawd" or "Gosh". 

Does the actual word matter that much that just changing a letter or two make it all sunshine and rainbows?  

October 13, 2014

Post of Pics

I always say, "It's fine" to anything I feel I can't handle at the moment or whenever I am feeling overwhelmed.  This pic pretty much sums up my mantra. 

Some Birthday Pics at Chuck E Cheese.  PS-this was the lamest C.E.C. evah!!! (I mean the games were fun and the food was good.  But the mouse, Mr. Cheese...  LAME)

These are some pics from the fall festival we went to.  Got pumpkins, went through a corn maze, got a hay ride, played in the corn box.  FUN!!  Perfect day for it too.  The weather was beautiful.

(This fake spider nearly killed me when it jumped out at me.)  (I screamed like a girl.)


(Have you ever seen a more handsome man?)  (I haven't)

Corn Angels

OMG, too cute.

Awww.  Dada and Nolan

More Birthday pics with the family, including extended family from out of town!  20+ people, more than half of them were kids!  So fun.

We told the kids that they can add anything to the grocery list.  Kara has been most helpful with paper cups and corn holders.  The second to the last thing is string cheese (I know because as a mother, it's my job to know.  And Maddie told me that's what it was) and I helped with the word "applesauce" at the end.  I mean, what mom wouldn't want to go to the grocery store with this list?! 

Where am I?

We have two lil doggies.  A Chorkie (Chihuahua and Yorkie mix) and a pure bred Yorkie.  Tootsie and Toto, respectively.  We are hoping that Tootsie will become a mama and we can have our amateur attempt at breeding our precious doggies.

I used to keep their kennels in our room, but they drove me crazy!!   I moved the kennels to the living room by the back door.  I have to say that Tootsie has always been a good little sleeper.  Never wetting her doggie bed and never whining all hours of the night.  Toto, not so much. I don't know what Toto does in there to try an make himself comfortable and ready for sleep, but it sounds like he is beating his head against the side of the over-sized kennel!  "what is wrong with that dog?"  I ask Ryan and think to myself, no wonder we got him cheaper than the rest of the litter.

Anyway, the last couple of weeks the twins have not been sleeping soundly either.  I am up at least 3 times a night because one or both of them is whining or dreaming.  (Don't get me wrong, I will always get up.  There will never be a time when one of them has a bad dream or needs a drink of water and I am not up for them.  But I will blog about it.)  Last night, it was as if the dogs and the girls were orchestrating a symphony of whines to keep me on my toes.

The dogs were whining so I went to see which one needed to go out.  Silence.

While standing by the dog kennels I heard one of the girls cry out so I go to check it out.  Silence.

I hear one of the dogs whine again and I walk back out to the living room.  Silence.

WTF??  Where the hell am I?  Am I dreaming?  In my groggy mindset, I actually consider this a possibility.  I consider that I have dreamt the whole thing and that everyone is fine.  So I put the dogs outside and can tell that it must have been Tootsie, if one of them, that needed to go out.  She runs to the corner of the yard and squats like she is going to take a dump but nothing happens.  This has occurred several nights now.  Would this be equivalent to morning sickness?  I hope so.

I let them back in and go back to bed.  Pretty soon, I hear little breathes next to my ear.  I wake up to find Mickie standing at my bed.

Mickie: "I'm thirsty"

I get up and take her, wordlessly, to the bathroom to fill up the glass with tap water.

Mickie: "No, mama, I need cold water."

Me: "It is cold cause it's cold outside."  I let the water run for a second knowing that she isn't going to fall for that one.

Mickie takes a small drink.  "Nope, it's hot."

Me: "Go back to bed.... I'll go get ice."  Dammit.

I go get ice in her cup and the dogs are whining again.  Seriously!!!  I decide that this is the last time I am dealing with the dogs and let them outside and close the curtain.  (that's their cue that I am not coming back to let them in.)

I take the ice water to Mickie and get a nod and a content sigh. "Better" she says and rolls over to go back to sleep.  I go back to bed and hear Toto bark a couple of times and tried to block him out.

Fortunately it worked and I woke up to the alarm a mere four hours later.

October 6, 2014

#Microblog Mondays

Some random thoughts I've had recently:

I should have bought those Teva's on clearance and wore them to work.. with white socks.  (Seriously, I thought everyone knew that wearing socks with any sandal is strictly forebode.)

Update: Ryan says that this is a good thing because it saves people from having to look at her feet.  They could be hideous.  

(My hubby and I shared this thought)  There are many people that try to live their glory days through their children.  Especially at a Pee Wee football game.  You know the kind of person I'm talking about.  I run into this at dance class too.

Have you had a run in with a Dance Mom?
Or a Football Dad?

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4 Going On 16

This week is Maddie (Madison) and Mickie's (Mackenzie) 5th Birthday.  I cannot believe it's been 5 years!  I mean, I know all moms are like My baby is growing up too fast!  But I went through a lot more to conceive and have these girls than the normal mom and time really does fly.

In 2006 I got the baby fever and started longing for a baby.  My ex-husband was pretty tough to convince that we should try for a baby.  I finally convinced him and nothing happened. For months nothing happened.  We went through extensive testing to find out that we had less than a 1% chance to have a child naturally; we needed medical assistance.  Over then next two years my body became a science experiment and I nearly died from a reaction to fertility meds (seriously).  I miscarried after I "got better" from the reaction a week before Thanksgiving 2008.  In February of 2009 my ex and I tried another round of IVF and successfully got pregnant with twins.  On October 8th, after a very difficult pregnancy, I gave birth to the two most beautiful girls in the world.  The girls were healthy but I was not. I remained hospitalized for a week after they were born and finally left the hospital 30 pounds lighter than my pre-pregnancy weight.

The girls were healthy, but colicky!  They cried, and I am not kidding, from 2 months old until 9 months old.  At one point we were spending $400 a month on formula (which is a drop in the bucket compared to what we spent to get them here).   After switching pediatricians a number of times and taking them to various specialists, I ended up at a pediatric chiropractor's office.  It was.a.miracle.  They stopped crying.  It was like someone turned it off.  That (heaven sent) chiropractor aligned those little bodies and made them all better.

The rest, as they say, is history.  After that, they have been your typical babies, toddlers, and little girls.  My ex-husband and I have a pretty successful divorce and share the girls 50/50.  We attend dance class together, are able to celebrate birthdays together, and for the most part you would think that this is the way it has always been.  The girls are very lucky to have such great co-parents.  Plus, my sweet husband Ryan treats them like his own children and they love him dearly.  Where step-dads are concerned-they hit the jackpot.

The girls said that they want to go to Chuck E Cheese for their birthday and their wish list includes: boots, guitar, cowgirl hat, and two Frozen toys.

Maddie is on the left, Mickie on the right.  Born October 8th, 2009 at 1:32 and 1:38 a.m.  Maddie is 6 minutes older.

Newest school pictures  

They were flower girls in a wedding recently.  Best flower girls ever!

Last Week and Some Randomness

Both girls have been sick this week.  Which, for any mom, sucks.  For me, having rehearsal this week and my regularly scheduled work week, it not only sucks, but it blows too.  Each night this week, I have gotten about 3 hours of solid sleep.  The rest of the dark hours have been consumed with re-covering the girls about 100 times a piece, letting the dogs out to pee, going to the bathroom, sitting with one of the girls while they go to the bathroom, leg rubs, tylenol dispensing, and stubbing my toe on the stupid step stool trying to locate the tylenol cup in the dark bathroom.

Of course there are the sweet cuddles and snuggles.  There is the blanket sharing and forehead to forehead whispers.  There is the cute-as-could be nothings that only my little girls would say at 2:30 a.m.  There is rocking and requests for mom's lullabies.

The latter is what keeps me sane during times when the girls aren't feeling well.

Maddie was afraid to lay on the heating pad (on low).  I told her it might sooth her ear ache.  She laid on it for about a minute before saying that her ear felt better.  I don't think it got up to temperature yet!  But by morning, she is a pro (having done it one time) and wanted to show Mickie.  Mickie looks at me and says, "it's gonna make her ear bigger, mamma?"


I started writing the above post on Friday.  Since then, I turned my music in and didn't play in the concert.  Which kinda makes me sad, but I was getting the crud the girls had, so it' wouldn't have been enjoyable.  I took Maddie to the doctor on Friday and she had an ear infection in her right ear.  She is a tough lil nugget, that one.  She could be hurting really bad and you wouldn't really know it.  On the contrary, Mickie shows when she is hurting.  They are with their dad this week.

October 1, 2014

Fiddle Me This

I play in my local symphony orchestra.  I have been playing violin since I was 10 years old, which means I have played violin for 25 years!! Whoa.

Let me take a step back and tell you that I am a part time professional musician.  I have my steady 8-5 job, but I also play my violin at weddings, funerals, nursing homes, etc and it's more of a fun thing for me.  And the bonus is I get paid a little bit of money to do something I love.  It's not a lot, but enough to go get my hair done or a pedi or a date night with hubby every once in a while.

Last night we had rehearsal for our concert on Saturday.  I was put with a new stand partner and I don't like it.  Not one bit.  My usual stand partner and I are really good friends, but she got moved to the first violin section.  (which is harder than the second violin section, which I reside)  Because I play in the second section, I don't practice because I am good enough to pick up the music and just play it.  I am not a rock star, though, so don't consider me the next Regina Stranasacchi. (I didn't know who that was, I just googled famous women violinists).

Anyway, my new stand partner is about a 20 year old boy who still has pretty bad acne and accentuates this acne with a brow piercing.  His hair is kinda greasy and I am sure (because I am stereotyping like non other right now) that he still lives with mom and plays lots and lots of video games.  He is skinny and tries to have a grunge-type look to him.  He is clearly an artist.  And he hogs the stand.

Music stand etiquette says that you should have the stand directly in the middle of both players.  The person sitting on the left of the stand is the one who turns pages, gets the music in order and counts during all the rests so that they can tell the person on the right when to come in.  :)

Upon my arrival to rehearsal, grunge boy has the stand dead-center in front of himself and when I ask him to move it closer to me, he sighs in annoyance.  I am not sure I made the right choice in moving in closer to me because then he was practically on my lap and kept bumping me with his bow hand.  At one point I looked directly at his eye brow piercing and thought to myself that he should pick another color other than white ring/stud.  It looked like a zit that could blow any second and spray all over the music.

We are flying through the music at rehearsal, which is fine with me as the twins and hubby are home waiting for me, when we come across a piece of music called "Strings on Fire". (I'll try to provide a link later) To say the least, it's fast.  I was able to play it pretty well and I am sure that if I did practice this piece, I would crush it Fat Amy style.  So we played it a couple of times and pretty soon grunge boy says that he's got tendinitis and this is hurting his hand.  Translation = it's too fast for him to play.  I told him that he should switch hands every once in a while (gesturing with my hand what boys do in the absence of a girl).  I'm just playing.  I didn't say that, but I was thinking it!

When I got home, I told Ryan that the second violin section totally went down the crapper.  He said, "aren't you in the second violin section?"


September 30, 2014

Ramblings of 4 year olds

This morning I was bagging up some cereal for the girls and asked what kind of cereal Maddie wanted.  She said, "Crap-n-crunch".

Maddie always tells Mickie, as a punishment, that she is "going to pin her to the wall" or "pin her to the tree".  Mickie gets pretty offended by this threat.  This morning she told Maddie, "Stop telling me you're going to pin me to blah, blah, blah!"

A while ago, Mickie was really upset when I picked her up from school.  I mean- sad face, big moist eyes.  I asked what was wrong and she said, "Maddie is mean to my back pack!"  I said, "how is she mean to your back pack?"  She said, "She said she was going to drag it through the grass!"   Holding back a laugh, I asked Maddie politely not to drag Mickie's back pack through the grass.  "OKAY!" She said.

September 29, 2014

3 Birthday Weekend

This weekend we celebrated my mom's, my sisters, and Lincoln's birthdays.   We had some brats and hot dogs and a pretty glorious fruit salad, if I say so myself.  My mom baked a three tiered cake that was yummy and my sister brought the macaroni salad... that had bacon bits in it.  Every thing is better with bacon.  For real.

Birthday Boy!  Lincoln turns 8 on October 5th, but we don't have the kids that weekend so we celebrated early.  (Joey, my sister's son, is photo bombing!)

Lincoln got a really soft blanket, Infinity Two Point Oh (2.0) from Ryan and I, including Captain America! My mom and dad got him a couple more characters for the 2.0 including Spider Man.  He was in X Box heaven.  

Kara spent a lot of time with her friend this weekend and I really missed her.   Ryan did get to paint Kara's and friends toe nails.  What a good dada.

Oh!  We went to play laser tag and Lincoln and I got creamed!!  It was Andrea and Friend against Lincoln and I.   But seriously, I was wearing a dress and flip flops.  AND my laser wasn't working.  I am not kidding!  We were at a total disadvantage.  We did start out pretty strong, but failed to nail down a strategy like the girls did and we left our base wide open for attack!! It was a great 15 minutes.  The kiddos also beat me at Pac Man.  There's no excuse there, I suck.

The fall weather brings cooler nights and it was nice to have a fire downstairs on Friday.  Ryan and I went a couple of weeks ago to get firewood at my aunts house (who lives in a great house on the mountain side).  It was hard work chopping wood, even with the equipment, but totally worth it.  I love that we have a wood burning stove in our basement.  We did s'mores the last time the kids were here!

More cute pics:

Could this guy get any cuter?!  I don't think so!

The fam watching Lincoln open presents

My mom and dad, cousins Matt and Joe and my sister

USSIE!! (like a selfie with us) 
Totes McGoats (Is that right Andrea?)

One of the missionaries looks like a king!

The kids trying to make the other missionary king-like too! 

Naomi is such a cute lil peanut with her Styrofoam hat!

A couple of other happenings this weekend included Maddie falling asleep on my lap.  I told my friends that I look like mother of the year right now, but this NEVER happens anymore.  But last night I got over an hour of cuddle time with my sweet girl.  The night before, I had been up with her almost every half hour to hour.  And Ryan was up with her a time or two as well.  She kept having bad dreams and didn't get good sleep at all, so it's no surprise that she was so tired.
This is a good one:  We came home from church and the kids had color pages.  I (being the mom of the year) usually throw them away!  I mean, they generally don't color them and I have a hard time with the clutter.  So Mickie goes to the trash can to throw something away and sees the discarded color page.  She says, "mom, why did you throw this away?"  I said, "No one wanted it; nobody claimed it."  She takes it out of the trash and gives me the most hurt look you've ever seen.  I am talking very disappointed.  She walks to her room with her color page and as she passes me, going down the hall, she solemnly says, "Mom, this is from God."   I turned to Ryan and couldn't contain my laughter.  My sweet, sweet girl couldn't believe that mommy would throw away God's coloring page.  Talk about cute.

September 26, 2014

Yeah, I've got swag

I just spent the last while making my blog look oh-so-cute!

Yeah, I've got swag.

Today, we were discussing recently added words to the English Dictionary.  Here are few I thought were interesting:

Cunted (wth?)
Honey Bush (Ryan will like that one)
TP (as in toilet paper?)

I am going to spend the better part of my afternoon (at work) looking some of these up!

I actually had to Google 'swag'.  I know, it's sad.  The kids are trying to teach me text talk and keep me up with the times.  In fact, I don't even think people say "keep up with the times" anymore.

So here two that I didn't know until the other night:

Cra Cra = crazy
KK = okay

Some others I already knew:

thx = thanks
btw = by the way
brb = be right back
lol = if you don't know this one... OMG.

This Post is Really About Our Van

It's finally Friday.  It's been a long week at work, but a good week.  The office bully was recently let go and so it's been pretty chaotic, but really good too.

This weekend is going to be really fun. We've got three birthdays to celebrate on Saturday night; Lincoln's, my mom's and my sister's.

Last night I did something SO stupid.  I was taking one of the seats out of our new NV.  And I do mean new.  Brand new.  You can guess I am sure... I scratched it.  More like gouged it!

Okay, I'll tell you about our beautiful beast.  We are a family of 9 and we used to have a Chevy Tahoe that had a bench seat in front so we had three rows of three.  We managed fine.  There were a few reasons why we felt we needed something bigger.  The first is the room... The kids would always have to climb over the seat to get in the third row and the bigger kids couldn't sit back there very comfortably because their knees were up to their chests.  We had to put the oldest up with us in the front because Ryan got pulled over for having a smaller child in the front seat.  (although he didn't get a ticket thankfully)  And that is problematic because the bench seat has like no padding and her knees are literally in the dashboard.  Also, there is very little room for cargo.   We could have gotten one of those roof mount things and it would have been alright, but still very tedious.  And finally, if we wanted any friends to come with us, we had to take two cars.  (i.e. like going to the drive inn, or a football game, or whatever).

We almost bought the NV last year, instead of the Tahoe.  And we should have, but you live and learn right?  We had already test drove the NV and loved it!  For being 20 feet long, it handles tremendously well.  It drives like you are driving an SUV but has a boatload of room!!

You can click here to check out Nissan's website. We got the NV Passenger SV model in Java.  V8, 3500 (so it's a full ton, like a truck), reverse camera, GPS, Bluetooth, on and on and on!  It seats 12 and they say that it has 324 different seating configurations!!  That's not true, in my opinion, but it's still very awesome.

The one and only thing that I am disappointed about is the seating configurations.  They rave that it has 324 different configurations, so I thought that we could maybe turn the second row around to face the third row... Not so.  And it'd be so much cooler if we could.

Okay, there are two things that suck.  One was the seat configurations, the other (which I am going to get repaired) is the rattle in the sliding door.  For us, it happens when it is hot outside.  It's pretty annoying, so I am going to return to the dealer to have them fix it.

The greatest things about it:

Back up camera... it's a necessity
All the seats have their own seat belt so there are no seat belts hanging from the roof
We are wired! Two 120V outlets and a couple of USBs and three 12V power outlets!
Storage, storage, storage!  The console is an abyss, plus under the driver's seat, and in the back.
There is a cell phone pocket in the driver's seat
Cup holders!!  a lot of them
Pull out side mirrors
Air conditioning in every row
Sliding door for tight spaces (which every space is tight now!)
The back doors open completely (like 270 degrees)
Cruise and radio controls on steering wheel
And so much more!

The gas mileage isn't "rated" per sei because it 's a commercial vehicle, but I have been tracking it.  It's about 13 city and 14.5 highway. Keep in mind my vehicle barely has 1500 miles on it.  So maybe that'll increase a little as it "breaks in".

I have yet to register it and quite frankly, I am scared to do so!  It's going to be pretty expensive.  Oh-well.  I love it.

So anyway, last night, I was taking one of the seats out of the 3rd row to provide the three little girls easier access to the 4th row.  The seats are heavy and awkward and I was trying to do it myself.  I ended up making a pretty substantial gash in the sliding door.  Dammit.

Ryan kissed me on the forehead and said it gives it character.  I am still upset about it.

I want to get a decal and these are the contenders:

The Beast (Beauty is driving)
I know, right?!
Size does matter 

We definetly get a lot of stares and shock and awe when we come rolling up in our NV.  I don't mind that at all though.

September 25, 2014

Did you hear that?!

Funny thing Ryan said to me yesterday: "The most comforting thing in my life is knowing football season is right now."  I looked and him and said, "Ouch."  We laughed and I told him that the honeymoon must be over!

A phone conversation with Maddie (4 yrs).
Me: how was school yesterday, baby?
Maddie: (long pause) (sigh)  It was hard.
Me: really?  how come?
Maddie: because we learned about elephants.
Me:  Oh.. and you don't like elephants?
Maddie:  I like elephants! It was just a hard day and I don't want to go back.
Me: Well, I am sure that your dad (she's with him this week) or I can help you with elephants.  Do you want to go back to school tomorrow?
Maddie: Okay, I'll go back.
Yep.. Elephants can be tricky.  :)

Skyping with Nolan (3 yrs):
"Hi dada.  I want to come to dada howse."  Us too buddy!!  So cute.
Naomi (5yrs) is trying to hold Nolan up to show us that he's "nated!"  (naked)  Her giggle is intoxicating

On the day of my baptism, I awoke to these noises:
Andrea (12 yrs) practicing her flute
Kara (10Yrs) practicing the hymn that was sung at the baptism
Little feet running up and down the hall
Little kids playing and laughing
The sound of bacon cooking
Lincoln (7yrs) playing Minecraft downstairs

The twins and I driving home from school, jamming to a good song on the radio, I turned around and was clapping and singing to them briefly.  Mickie (4 yrs) says, "MOM!  watch where you're going, you're going to crash us!"

Anytime Lincoln begins a sentence:  "uh da daaaa-uh" 

Whenever Mickie is upset, "I just had a hard day."  (while crying)

SO many more that I can't even think of! I'm going to really try hard to capture funny things said and done by the kiddos.

September 23, 2014

Refi Challenge

So, have you got those deals in the mail about refinancing your home for a lower interest rate and then you can get 21,000 dollars cash!! (or whatever)

Yeah, me too.  And I called...and am taking the refi challenge.  See, if they appraise your house for more than what the loan is, you can have the option to take cash out.  (Layman's terms, as you can tell)  If it doesn't appraise above the current loan, then you can still refinance at a lower interest rate... oh, and skip two payments!

My husband and I decided to go forward with the refi and the only risk to us is that we have to pay for the appraisal.  If for some reason the loan doesn't close or we chose not to proceed, we'll be out the appraiser cost, which for us is $425.

And the appraiser is coming today.  That means that Ryan and I had to bust our humps last night to get ready.  Did you know that busting your hump means installing carpet downstairs?!  In our case, it does!  My sweet Ryan is a professional carpet installer and used to have a business on the side so score for me!  Because my whole house has new flooring including, as of 2 a.m. this morning, the basement.

From the time we got home last night up until 2:13 this morning, to be exact, we busted our humps to make the house look spotless.  I really would like it to appraise more than the current loan so that I can get a little cash out.  And, yes, people I realize that I would be financing a couple thousand dollars over the life of my mortgage, but I don't care.  You don't know me!  Don't judge.

So keep your fingers, toes, eyes, or whatever crossed and help me hope that the appraisal comes in high.  :)

September 22, 2014

My Journal

I once had an infertility blog. It was an exquisite journal and I regret not keeping it.  I am planning to keep this one for a good long time. 

I tried to get my husband and I journals for our New Years resolution!  I think we have both written (less than) a handful of entries.  I am, or was, very good at typing my thoughts to capture moments though, so here it goes. :)