November 9, 2011


It's been a while!  I know.  I really suck.  I also don't have a whole lot of time, so I will keep this short(ish).  Once again, I have been reading, but not commenting.  Just know that I am thinking about all of you.  Here is some stuff in bullets:
    • I got a job.  Finally, after three grueling months and about 5 months of just slightly trying to find work, I am an accountant for a general contractor.  I am in my second week and I really love it
    • It's a woman owned company and I really, really love that.  She lets you bring your babies to work with you for the first 6 months to a year (not that I am having anymore) and I really like that she is so considerate when it comes to matters of the kiddos.   
    • The girls... Well, just Mickie really, is having a REALLY hard time with this transition.  We are working through it, but there have been some tears. 
    • Maddie, I believe, got nurse maids elbow for the THIRD TIME THIS YEAR yesterday.  However, since it wasn't my first rodeo, I did the little maneuver thingy and she was all better.  In fact, she told me, "All better."  When Jeff asked her what was wrong, she said, "all better.  all gone." Too precious.
    • We have (kinda) started potty training!  I am not pushing it, but I have introduced the toitee and when they want to go, we make a big deal of it.  Maddie has actually 'gone in the pot' twice! 
    • I have used the word really a lot in this post thus far.
    • The girls have conversations with each other that I can finally understand and it's is so sweet to listen to.  Not to mention all of our conversations. 
    • At their 2 year appointment, both were the exact same weight and height at 26 pounds and 34" tall.  It was SO cute to watch them get on the 'big girl' scale!  (It is the 41st and 50th percentile, respectively.   If I recall correctly.)
    • They are really staring to use their imagination and it is amazing to watch!  The pretend play all the time!
Well, that's all I can think of.  I can't believe it's November already.  Really.  :)


Kahla said...

Sounds like lots going on! I bet the girls are adorable when they talk, such a fun stage!! Congrats on the job as well, that is awesome!

Life with Gemelos said...

Yea!! Congrats :) My girls also had a really hard time when I went back to work this fall. We actually took one to the doctor because it went on for so long. She wouldn't sleep at night, etc. The doc just said it was seperation anxiety and it would eventually pass! She still hates when I leave but it did get better. Hang in there!!

strongblonde said...

1. Yea for a new job! so glad that it is something that you like!!
2. i can't believe how big the kids are!! my kids were only 24 lbs at their 2 year visit. :)
3. can't wait to hear about the potty-escapades! we've been kinda doing stuff for a little while. nothing really big. we have pottys around if the kids want to try them.