September 28, 2011

Still no word on that job.  In the mean time, I have applied for a hand full of others.  I have called them twice and they keep telling me, "you will get an e-mail."  So I check my e-mail about a hundred times an hour and nothing. 

I got the girls' birthday decorations, cake mix (I am making a castle cake!), and dresses.  All that's left is balloons, but I have to go to another store to get those ordered.  Maybe tomorrow. 

A new symphony season starts this week, our first concert is on Saturday.  I am excited.  Other than that, all is pretty quiet around here.

Except that the girls counted to five last night.  I know, they are clearly geniuses!  :)  I keep asking them how old they are and showing them how to put two fingers up.  They are getting it slowly.  And we are practicing saying "trick or treat" so that when Halloween comes, they will be ready!  They are going to be cheer leaders for Halloween.  I picked up their pom-poms today too.  They already have their outfits. 


Life with Gemelos said...

My little ones are being cheerleaders too :) Darn you for being so ready for the party by the way! Ours is next Saturday and other than invitations, I have nothin'!! Oh well...

strongblonde said...

omg. i love the idea of cheer leaders! :)

i'm so hopeful that you hear something quickly about the job!!

i'm impressed you're making the cake. i don't feel like i have time for it. and i'm not talented. lol. :)

What IF? said...

Wow, now I feel like a complete slacker. No Halloween costumes yet, and I have zero ideas for their 2nd birthday party. I'll have to get right on it. Yay you, for having it all together. The girls will have a blast on their birthday and Halloween, thanks to their wonderful mom.

Your girls are so clever! Counting to 5, wow.

So happy to hear the new symphony season is starting. Enjoy!