September 23, 2011

Life with the Gemelos, Thank you for thinking of me!!  I have not heard yet... It was pretty stiff competition and I am hoping to hear something today.  I have checked my e-mail a hundred times already! 

There were two tests and 26 people.  Yeah.  26 people going for one position.  That shows what our economy is like, eh?  The first test was a "communications" test and I think I did about as well as anyone.  The second test was math.  I love math and I am good at math.  So I am hoping that I did well enough to be one of the top three people, because that's who will get an interview. 

So, as soon as I hear something, I will post. 

Becoming Supermommy, it's nice to 'meet' you too!  Can't wait to visit your blog.


St Elsewhere said...

I hope you did good enough to get that job.

Fingers crossed!

strongblonde said...

been thinking about you :)

fingers crossed

What IF? said...

Hope you are invited to an interview soon. What an agonizing wait. Thinking of you!