September 20, 2011

For hire

So tomorrow I have to go take a test for an A/P position for the state.  I have been doing all I can to buff up on my skills, but there is really no way to "study."  Hopefully, it is a good day.  A lucky day.  September 21st has always been a good day in the past, having significant meaning, so I am going to hope that hold true tomorrow.

I need a job.  We are doing okay money-wise.  We get what we need and we are making it.  Still, we have had to dip into our savings for unexpected things-like medical bills (Madison's arm) or veterinary bills (my doggies got into quite a fight about a month ago and it looked like a massacre in my living room). 

I want a job.  I have always worked.  I like to work.  I like to make money and spend that money!  I enjoy being in the business world.  Right now, we live in a really nice 3 level home.  4 bedroom, 2 bath, 2 living rooms, on a  nice plot of land.  It is a big house and when we moved in 7 years ago, tomorrow (see one significance of the date?), people wondered what we needed such a big house for.  "It's just you two, right?"  "You have no kids, so why such a big house?"  Well, at the time, we didn't have an answer to those questions.  It was a beautiful house, so we bought it!  The thing is:  While our home is big and beautiful, it is not very functional. 

There are three bedrooms and one bath upstairs.  The kitchen, dining room and living room #1 is on the middle level.  And the fourth bedroom, laundry, bathroom #2, and living room #2 is downstairs.  If you haven't caught the red flag yet, I am waving it high!  Three bedrooms (so master, and the girls rooms) are upstairs with only one bathroom??? WHAT??  Not gonna work forever.   Also, my kitchen is very small.  What I wouldn't give for some cabinets and counter space! 
And yes, we have considered remodeling, however, our house (not to brag, but truth be told) out-values all the houses on our street except one, by 20-30 thousand dollars.  SO if we remodeled, further increasing the value, we would never be able to sell it. 

So, we are going to try to sell our house and move.  We may possibly consider building a home because I have some pretty specific ideas about what I want.  Or we may get lucky and find one that is already built. 

BUT FIRST.  I gotta get a job.  Cross your fingers for tomorrow!


strongblonde said...

yea! good luck for tomorrow!! sounds like a great date! :)

fingers crossed

What IF? said...

Good luck, Chelle. I hope tomorrow goes well! Fingers crossed. Your home sounds awesome.

Kahla said...

Good luck tomorrow!!! What happened to Madison's arm? I must have missed it! Hope she is ok!

Life with Gemelos said...

SO??? How did it go?? Hope it went well :)