May 18, 2011

Say What?

The girls have been talking more lately.  I was worried, as it seems I am for every milestone, that they would never talk!  The ped assured me that they were doing fine and that they were probably talking in "twin language" that would evolve to something that I could understand with time.  ;) 

Mickie is very good at signing.  She signs everything she wants or needs and then always takes extra to give to Maddie.  She'll sign 'water' and I give her a sippy cup.  She holds her hand out for Maddie's, so I give it to her too, and she takes it to her sister.  She does the same with crackers, blankets, toys, etc.  It's like, "if I need/want water, so does sissy."  Maddie signs a lot too, but I think she likes to be heard. 

Maddie walked into the bathroom, day before yesterday, while I was drying my hair and said, "sister go?"  I said, "she's in my room."  She replied, "k." and went into my room to find her. 

Then, I was feeding them cereal with milk (which they aren't too sure about it being in milk yet) and when Maddie had all she wanted, she said, "all gone."  I said, "no, there is still some here.  Do you want some more?"  She said, "all done."  and did the sign too.  All the while Mickie was signing 'more.'  They have also learned how to say 'more' along with the sign.  Perhaps it's more effective that way?  haha.

Mickie says dog in the.cutest.way.  It's pronounced with a long "o" like, "doge"  I haven't tired of hearing it yet and she says it all the time!! 

I think Maddie is trying to say bird, but it sounds nothing like bird!! lol.  She points to a bird and gets all excited and says, "Shhtow."  That's her word.  I'm laughing as I type this.

They have really laid on the loving lately too.  Maddie wraps her arms around my neck and smiles and presses her mouth to mine and makes a 'mmmmm' noise.  Me = puddle.

I ask for a hug from Mickie and she shyly comes over and wraps her arms around my neck and gives me a big hug.  And when I tuck them in at night, Mickie will sit up and wait for me to come over and hug her, then lay down and 'pet' her blanket. 

Yesterday, I caught the girls giving each other a full blown hug.  It was adorable, but when they realized I had witnessed the act, they pushed each other away and went about playing in the yard!  I wasn't fast enough with the camera.


Lost in Space said...

I love how Mickie always gets extra for Maddie. That is such a sweet sister bond right there.

Kahla said...

Such a fun, fun age. They are so lucky to have eachother, I think that's awesome!

lifeasdescribed said...

How neat! I haven't really worked with my two on signing yet... I wonder if they'd be receptive to it yet...

I love how they're willingly giving you luvins like that. Puddle all the way! :) Too cute!

mybumpyjourney said...

OMG they are so stinking cute, and getting so big!! SHHTOW! LOL!

Love it!

Life with Gemelos said...

What a fun age...I just love hearing words develop!! I wanted to comment on a post you wrote last week but it isn't on here anymore. When you wrote about feeling guilty all the time...
I used to feel like that too, but then realized that i was the only one keeping score of who got picked up first, fed first, etc. They have no idea! Their cute little brains have no recolection of what happened 10 minutes ago when you picked sister up first. Even if you just had one baby, they would cry if you didn't pick them up right when you wanted them to. SO...I guess what I am saying is...your thoughts are TOTALLY normal...I am sure all twin mommies feel that way...but you are doing a great job and your girls LOVE you so much. They don't hold records like we do (thank God for that!). Hope that helps a little :)

What IF? said...

Aw, such sweet, smart, affectionate girls. I love that they make up words for stuff that sounds nothing like the "real" word. Mine do it too. I was nodding my head and going, "Yep!" all the way through your post. Lots of hugs and kisses happening here too, which is the sweetest thing in the world to witness. Of course, it's inevitably followed by hair pulling or shoving! But for that moment, it's pure joy.