May 13, 2011

Commercial break

So, before what I hope to be my last post about the drama (and some things have transpired in just the last week, you gals are going to love!), I want to take a short commercial break and post about all sorts of things.

•For a while, Mother's day to me, meant having to put up with my mother. Last year's day was a nightmare because of family drama which included everyone being pissed at us because we wouldn't let them hold the girls continually because every one was sick and blah blah de blah. I don't want to relive it. This year's Mother's day was totally awesome. I will write more later, with pictures, but I have so much to say, I am going to move on. For now.

•I have chosen to beat my head against the wall for the past four days as I decided that the girls needed to be on table food right now. Let me back up by saying that I know that they are "too old" to be on jar food. I get stared at and asked a million questions when I buy jar food for them. The cashier's almost always say in a judging voice, "how old are they?" BUT in my defense, it's convenient. I am a stay at home working mom. (at least I was). Meaning, I had the girls with me all the time, but worked. It's easy to whip out a jar of baby food and give it to them. So, now that I have been home (I go into the office every wed and fri. It's blissful to be free. More on that in "drama: a history, part 4") I thought it was time to transition them. To make a long four days short-the girls didn't respond well to me just giving them finger foods and 'regular' foods. And after four days of screaming and a mashed potato food fight this after noon, I gave in and fed them jar food again. Bottom line is that I have to come up with a different method. Suggestions would be great. hint hint. :)

•My ex-boyfriend and his wife just had a baby today (ex, meaning: 14 years ago. It was one of those relationships that was hard to let go of. We re-united as friends about 4 years back). He texted me with the news. Yes, I am happy for him. I mean them. Yes, it stings quite a bit to know that they got pregnant so easily and planned it around her teaching schedule and it worked out beautifully. Yes, I wonder if it would have been that easy if I had ended up with him. Yes, infertility sucks ass. No. I wouldn't trade my hubby or my girls for the world. I just wonder, that's all.

•I work harder now, at home, than when I was working. I love it, though. The girls are, aside from the transition to table food week of hell, incredible. I am so lucky to be their mamma.

•I have lost 4 pounds since I haven't been going into the office on a regular basis. I attribute it to a)being happy. b) not being around people that eat junk all the time. c) trying to give the girls proper nutrition, therefore giving the same to myself.

•I had my first gig last weekend (check for more info), and it was great! I love playing and I got some leads to more gigs. Hopefully, I can get more. :)


Lost in Space said...

Must be something in the air. My ex and his wife just had baby #4 yesterday. It's just a weird feeling...

Congrats on the 4 pounds! Working on a few of those myself. (-;

St Elsewhere said...

Woohoo at the weight loss and that you had a better Mother's Day.

Well, I would have gone back to giving them the babyfood from the jar as well. Maybe you can try freshly pulped Mango and bananas, soups and such?

lifeasdescribed said...

Glad you had a great Mother's Day! Can't wait to hear all about it.

Hmm... tips for transitioning... maybe you could mix a little chunky food with jarred food (like small bits of carrots with jarred carrots). It might be the texture they're having trouble with and that might help ease them into it. Keep up the great work! Things will get easier again once they can eat the food you fix at mealtime!

Sounds like your life is a lot more stress free these days (yay!). Congrats on the music gig - great to do something you love and get paid for doing it too!

Have a great week!