April 11, 2011

My new song

Oh, how I have been a complete blog slacker... nah, nah, nah, nah!  haha.  Sorry I have been MIA.  I wish I had a good excuse, but I don't.  Well, I kinda do, I guess.  We (Jeff and I) recently celebrated our Birthday's last weekend.  Jeff made delicious BBQ.  He smoked a pork shoulder and made pulled pork with three different BBQ sauces to go with it.  We had both sides of the family over and everyone made it out alive, so I considered it a success!

It's not a secret that my family and Jeff's family don't get along.  In fact, they are like oil and water.  It used to be that they only had to get together one time a year, which was our B-day.  And since our B-day's are so close to each other (5 days), I consider them to get off lucky.  AND, since they girls' B-day's are on the same day (obviously!), now they only have to get together twice a year.   Again, I think they luck out.  They could have to get together 4 times a year!  (gasp!) 

The day went as Jeff and I expected.  My mom and dad showed up first to get in some "quality time" with the girls before everyone else arrived.  (Let's not mention the fact that they see them monday thru friday).  They were quite pissy when the girls were still napping and their plan didn't work out.  Jeff's sister and our niece showed up next with Jeff's Grandma.  Then my sister and brother in law show up with their two rambunctious boys.  The boys immediately are bouncing off the walls looking for something to get into.  (Heaven forbid, they bring something for them to do)  They run to the shed outside, but this isn't our first rodeo and Jeff locked it before the party.  My sister wants me to open her gift NOW because it's just so good that I can't wait and open it with every one else's.  Jeff's parents show up last, which is typical.  Jeff's mom shows up at least a half hour late to everything.  AT LEAST a half hour late.

By this time, the girls are awake from their nap and I put them in the dresses I made for them and bring them downstairs.  Meanwhile, Jeff is serving up the alcohol to take the edge off the room.  There is whispering and snickering coming from both sides.  I over hear typical conversations through out the party.  Jeff's mom calling black people the N-word even though we have told her time and time again not to.  (she doesn't mean any harm, she is just that naive).  Our niece gets offended because her boyfriend is half black.  Jeff's sister goes on and on about her strict diet as a diabetic, yet she is guzzling alcohol.  My mom comparing herself to everyone in every situation.  Only-if you have done something, my mom has done it naked and on fire.  My sister acting like mother of the year while her sons terrorize the house.  My brother in law is outside chain smoking.  (I wish I was out there with him even though I haven't smoked in 7 years!)

We get through dinner without Jeff coming unglued at someone for letting the girls eat off of their forks or drink out of their drinks.  (pet peeve of his... and mine.)  We had to run some interference, but mostly, everyone followed the rules.   Jeff and I opened cards and a few gifts, had some cupcakes and ice cream and everyone went home. 

Big sigh of relief.  It's over.  Until October anyway. 

...to be continued.  I have more to post, but I have to work a little bit today.  Here is a pic of Mickie in the dogs water bucket and an extremely jealous Maddie. ; )


Life with Gemelos said...

This cracks me up! Do your families read your blog? If so..it's even funnier :)

Bumpy Journey said...

OMG They are so cute. Your families do sound exhausting! WHY do they do this to us??! LOL