April 19, 2011

More on the Stroller

I wanted to elaborate a bit more in regard to the stroller.  Since the girls were born, we have used the graco duo glider travel system.  Which I really loved. 
Coincidentally, it is blue and gray also.  Not pink.  I used to loath the color.  It is the ONLY thing that we have that isn't pink! lol.  I used to get ticked when people couldn't tell if the girls were indeed girls or if they were boys and I blamed the color of the stroller because they are always dressed in girly clothes and colors and have pretties in their hair.  Jeff still teases me all the time telling me that I have got the cutest boys evah!  Anyway, it was so easy to unsnap the car seat from the base and snap it onto the stroller.  I was really smooth at this process (as I am sure every mommy gets to be) so that the girls wouldn't even realize that I moved them.  Often, I would get them home, move them into their room, and let them nap in their car seats.  The stroller is maneuverable, easy to fold, unfold, sunshades are good, good storage, fits through a standard door, and the girls are were comfortable riding in it.   I really thought this would be the one and only stroller that we would have to buy. 

HA!  Ignorance is bliss.

Well, the girls are fussy from the time I put them in it until the time I take them out anymore.  The one in back (either one) constantly kicks the seat of the one in front.  The one in front constantly squirms and kicks and tries to look at the one in back.  The back seat is angled and seems like the baby is going to slide right out if they weren't strapped in.  The 5 point harness is a pain in the arse to hook up, so I usually just use the lap belts. 

It was good for quite some time and I definitely got my money's worth and would recommend the stroller in a heart beat... BUT there is a possibility that the kiddos will 'grow out of it.'

So when I was looking for a new stroller, I wasn't looking for a 'jogging' stroller necessarily.  Let's face it, I am probably not going to go jogging anytime soon! haha.  I had a list of criteria (don't we all!) and this stroller met most of them.  (Again, I haven't got it yet, so much is to be determined)
  1. Side by side.  Obviously, it meets this. 
  2. Fits through door way.  The jury is still out on this one as some reviews said it does and some say it doesn't... It is 33 inches wide.  Standard (American) doorway is 36 inches.  It should...
  3. Good storage.  This has a big underneath compartment, plus it has pockets on the back of the seats for extra storage
  4. Maneuverability.  I made sure I got the pivoting front wheel, with the option to lock it straight.  Reviews said that the front wheel may wobble excessively, but there were also reviews saying how to correct the problem. 
  5. Nice canopy.  This canopy, unlike many others I looked at, ratchets to adjust to whatever position to provide shade.  So even if the sun is head-on, I can adjust the canopy. 
Those were specific criteria, and with this stroller, I got a few bonus features:
  1. Seats recline to several positions independently.
  2. mp3 player hookup with speakers.
  3. a "parent organizer with two cup holders"
  4. Quick release wheels
I also read reviews that stated for people with a long stride (I am 5'10" and my hubby is 6'0"), it is nice because you don't keep kicking the axle or third wheel (like double umbrella strollers, maybe?).  More over, most reviews said that it was a dream to push and that it could be pushed "with one finger." 

SOLD! :)  I can't wait to get it.


~Hollie said...

I have the single jogger, and its wonderful. We take it to festivals, etc that might not have the smoothest terrain and it is GREAT! Enjoy the new ride!

Lost in Space said...

Just catching up and am now waiting for Drama: A history. Part 2. (-;

Hope you are well.

My Bumpyjourney said...

Cool Stroller! :)

Lucky said...

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