March 10, 2011

A trip to the ER

I am mad about the whole situation and I am trying not to be.  Every one is okay and I am glad for that, but I am just still reeling from the events.
In a nutchell:

We had to take Maddie to the hospital last night because she couldn't move her arm with out extreme pain... and screaming.  (How do I know it was extreme?  because I am the mommy that's how.  No really, she is one tough little monkey and when she gets an owie, she cries for two seconds and moves on.  When she would not settle after an hour and a dose of ibuprofen, I knew it was extreme pain)

She was diagnosed at the hospital with Nursemaid's elbow.  The doctor did his little thing and she stopped screaming and was back to 'normal'.  She is just  a little sore today.

She was in the care of my MIL and I was not there when it happened.  My MIL decided it would be fun to spin the girls around... hanging on to them by their wrists. 

I will post more, perhaps, if I find the right words.


What IF? said...

Oh, Chelle! I'm so sorry to hear Maddie was hurt. How scary. Thank goodness for that mother instinct of yours knowing something more was up, and that you took her to the ER. I can't imagine how angry and frustrated you must be.

It's hard enough trusting someone - even family - with your kids. Your MIL should've known better!

lifeasdescribed said...

Oh those extreme pain cries will break your heart! Scary stuff. Glad she's doing better now. I sometimes wonder if people don't know about Nursemaid's elbow and kids being prone to it. I just had a friend post on facebook the other day that her little girl had the same thing happen to her. No fun!

strongblonde said...

omg! you know how i feel about MILs. i'm not sure what i would do here. people don't realize how easy it is to move kids' bones!!! :( poor little girl. i'm so sorry she had to go through this!

we need to get together, have some wine, and comiserate!

Holly Ann said...

Oh, so sorry to hear your little girl was in such pain and had to go to the ER. I'd have trouble unwinding from such an episode as well. Wishing you and your little one well!

WiseBursche said...

OMG! I am glad Maddie is better now.

My FIL had managed to pull my niece's left hand harder than necessary, and her shoulder drove her to crying pain!

Not that my FIL wanted to do it, but it just happened. I am sure your MIL did not mean to hurt Maddie, but I hope she will be more careful next time.

Holly Ann said...

I just sent you a little blog love with an award on my site! I hope it makes you smile! :)

Amanda said...

Poor Maddie. I wish that wouldn't have happened to her. I'm sure your MIL didn't realize what she did, but it sounds like you MIL didn't take responsibility for it at all and maybe Maddie was in pain longer than she needed to be? That's what would piss me off the most.

HettyA said...

Soo so sorry to hear about this! I hope she is feeling a lot better today. Sometimes the MIL's aren't thinking and just do things, I know from experience as well. Hope your weekend is ending better. <3

What IF? said...

Hi there. Check out this post:

I'm thinking there's some potential synergy between your start-up business and Mel's newest bloggy idea.

Bumpy Journey said...

OMG!! Those things are so very painful, and so easy to fix. Sucks that you had to go to the ER though. :(