March 8, 2011

Thanks for stopping by!

I really appreciate Multiples and More for featuring my bloggie!  If you are stopping by from there, thank you!  I hope you leave a comment so I can stalk follow your blog!

I am really trying hard to make this whole "I am an independent contractor, please hire me as a violinist for your next event" thing work.  I have gone to the extent to make business cards, fliers, and brochures.  The problem is the time to distribute such readings.  I am pretty much working two jobs and keeping up with the house and the girls.  I am okay with it, but I really hope I get a nibble soon!!  :)  I am going to try to distribute my readings tomorrow in mass quantities because my MIL has the girls. 

Speaking of the girls!  They are doing great... Well, with the exception of the full onset of tantrums.  And the lack of nap time.  We are working through it, though.  Both of them love the freedom of walking and I think they wonder why they waited till recently to start!  They both are very independent and have mastered the stairs pretty well too.   I need to remind them sometimes that the first step is a doosey if they are not turned around (to go backwards), but mostly they don't require, nor want, my help. 

We got them some out door toys because they LOVE to be outside.  LOVE it.  Which is great except when it's bad weather and they stand at the door/window and scream.  We got them golf clubs and Mickie has mastered putting already.  It'll be great to tell stories about how we got them their first set of clubs when they were only a year and a half!  Maddie is more of a soccer player and loves to kick the ball.  Well, right now, she actually loves it when you move her leg for her to kick the ball!  She'll get it on her own pretty soon, I am sure.  

They are also discovering the joy of coloring and I am really happy to see that they don't try to eat the crayons (too much)!


The Lane Family said...

I loved your interview on Multiples and More it was great!! Being a mom who also dealt with infertility and used in-vitro for our 3 living children I know the joys and happiness and tears that come with it. I also have twin 2 year old girls and a 5 year old little boy.

All 3 of my kids had severe colic, GERD and one of my daughters actually has a syndrome names after her so I know the challenges and blessings that brings to a marriage as well.

I look forward to following your blog. We have had to go private do to my husbands job so if you want to check us out just send me an e-mail to

Plus I would LOVE to know what spray you use for your garden since we have encountered some new pests since moving to the South.

Cathy said...
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lifeasdescribed said...

Hi Chelle! Here from MoM. Great interview and I've really enjoyed catching up on your girls' birth story and your About Me page. We conceived our twins through IVF and I had a very rough pregnancy, too. That mag IS the devil, I couldn't agree more. I was on that stuff like 3-4 times (lost count!) and had to be on it when I delivered because I had developed severe preeclampsia at the end as well.

I commend you for being so upfront about how infertility has affected your marriage - it is definitely no bed of roses and I think it's good for all to know how much it impacts married couples. I don't think my husband and I went through quite what you both did, but I can say that it does feel like (now) that we're "relearning" each other a bit (sex life included!). It's funny the impact some things have that you don't quite understand until after the fact... through all the "trying" and the difficult pregnancy, I think we were on survival mode.

So good to meet you and I look forward to following you and your beautiful girls!


Jackie said...

We were looking to getting that table too! Glad to see your girls like it! That's wonderful. If we weren't on opposite coasts I would insist everyone I know hire you as a contractor!

Dolli-Mama said...

Visiting from M&M! Your interview was awesome! Your girls are beautiful.