March 28, 2011

100th Post

I was going to try to get all deep for my 100th post, but I am at a loss!  haha. 

Here are a couple of tidbits. 
  • I have decided to wait until the girls' ask me if they can pierce their ears and I will let them, whether they are in kindergarten or high school.  I feel like they need to want to do it.  I don't want to take the liberty for them. 
  • Jeff's and my birthday's are coming up April 2 and April 7, respectively.  We are having the whole fam-dam-ily over.  It should be a wing ding.
  • The girls will be 18 months old a day after my 32nd birthday.  I am 30 years and 6 months older than they are, almost to the day!  Funny, my grandfather was 60 years and 6 months older than me (to the day).  This makes him 90 years older than the girls.. Okay, 90 years and one day.  He passed just before the girls 1st birthday. 
  • I am so ready for spring and summer.  I can't wait for my garden this year.  I can't even remember my garden last year.  All I remember is taking care of screaming babies!  MAN, a year changes a lot.
  • Jeff and I are going on a trip in May.... A week long trip.... Without the girls.... (gasp!) the beach!!
  • My mother still drives me completely insane.  And my MIL is not far behind.
I would post some new pics, but blogger is s.l.o.w.   

Or maybe it's just my super fast Internet connection (can you sense the sarcasm?)

Last Year:  Feeling Better and Pic with Easter Bunny


strongblonde said...

oooooooooohhhhhhhh! can't wait for stories about the fam-damily! :)

Life with Gemelos said...

I go back and forth about the ear piercing all the time. I would love for them to have cute little earings (especially since they STILL get mistaken for boys with their short hair), but I also think I should let them make the decision! Uggh..what to do?

bumpyjourney said...

oooooo...what beach are you going to? PLEASE SAY FLORIDA PANHANDLE!!!