March 28, 2011

100th Post

I was going to try to get all deep for my 100th post, but I am at a loss!  haha. 

Here are a couple of tidbits. 
  • I have decided to wait until the girls' ask me if they can pierce their ears and I will let them, whether they are in kindergarten or high school.  I feel like they need to want to do it.  I don't want to take the liberty for them. 
  • Jeff's and my birthday's are coming up April 2 and April 7, respectively.  We are having the whole fam-dam-ily over.  It should be a wing ding.
  • The girls will be 18 months old a day after my 32nd birthday.  I am 30 years and 6 months older than they are, almost to the day!  Funny, my grandfather was 60 years and 6 months older than me (to the day).  This makes him 90 years older than the girls.. Okay, 90 years and one day.  He passed just before the girls 1st birthday. 
  • I am so ready for spring and summer.  I can't wait for my garden this year.  I can't even remember my garden last year.  All I remember is taking care of screaming babies!  MAN, a year changes a lot.
  • Jeff and I are going on a trip in May.... A week long trip.... Without the girls.... (gasp!) the beach!!
  • My mother still drives me completely insane.  And my MIL is not far behind.
I would post some new pics, but blogger is s.l.o.w.   

Or maybe it's just my super fast Internet connection (can you sense the sarcasm?)

Last Year:  Feeling Better and Pic with Easter Bunny

March 16, 2011

All Over the Place With a Cherry On Top!

So, I am finally over being mad... Yes, it's true, us Italians can kinda hold a grudge!  haha.  Thank you all for your kind comments as I thought I was going to be ridiculed for being upset.  I know accidents happen, believe me, I think I am way cool when accidents happen.  In this situation however, I had warned MIL of the ramifications of such an activity a couple weeks prior, so I was more upset in the fact that she didn't head my warnings.  Plus, we have now blown our medical savings account for the year with one hospital visit and one follow up with the doctor... I know that my MIL would rather cut off her own limb than to ever hurt one of the girls. 

Anyway, it's over. 

Speaking of accidents, Mickie decided she wanted to fly, day before yesterday, and dove off the changing table! I was standing right there and my foot and Maddie broke her fall.  Mother of the year right?!  Get mad at MIL, but then let one of the girls dive off changing table!  Definition of hypocrite, I know.

One of my newest bloggie friends, Dolli-Mama (Don't cha just love that name!), wrote a post on getting her girls' ears pierced.  The part that made me laugh, because it rang true in my life too was, "It was a privilege, one that was earned after years and years of naked lobes and clip-on jewelry." (still giggling and nodding along).  Anyway, it got me thinking about when I was going to "let" the girls' pierce their ears.  I had to wait, so I figured I would probably make the girls wait too.  But her post has got me changing my mind!  Of course, I still need to discuss with DH, but I really doubt he will have any opinion on the matter. 

When I was pregnant with them I thought that if they looked too much alike that I would pierce their ears so that I could tell them apart.  They don't look that much alike  so that's not a problem.  Then as time went along, I thought that if they didn't grow hair (yeah, right-have you seen my hair?!) then I would pierce their ears to show that they were girls.  It seems to me that I am itching for a reason to do it!

Maddie is doing this funny thing lately, she furrows her brow and give you her serious look and then cracks up laughing when you do it back.  Maybe you have to be there, but it is too cute.

Mickie started shrugging her shoulders when I ask her if she is silly.  A very shy shrug, like "I donno...!"

Both of them pat/rub/show their tummies when they are full.

They both are interacting with other people really well. As you know, for the time being, I bring them to work with me.  They love to wave at the truckers (and the truckers love to honk to make them laugh and wave).  They love to play in the dirt and rocks.  Mickie smells the rocks and grins.  I am not sure what this is about.  The other day, they were dirty!  I had to change their clothes before nap time because they were like real little girls playing outside in the dirt!!  (as opposed to fake little girls?  idk?)

They are always so "busy" anymore.  They love for me to hang paper on the wall so they can color and make beautiful works of art.  They love to walk around and organize their toys.  One will be coloring and the other will be reading a book.  Or they will play their version of hide and seek. 

A couple of follow-ups:  Strong blonde - yes.  I give them their blankets at night.  I used to just have them in their HALO sleepers, but now, I give them their blankies.  AND YES, YES, YES we do need to get together for some wine! ;)

What IF - thanks for the link to Mel's new bloggy idea! 

Holly Ann- THANK YOU! for the blog award!! 

To accept this award, list three things you love about yourself:

  • I try my very hardest to be a good wife and mother.  I feel like I 'go the extra mile' whenever I can and that makes me proud
  • I am honest
  • I am the first to admit when I make a mistake and try to fix it and learn from it
Post a picture you love:

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Twins Plus One, Three Times the Fun!  Right back atcha, deary!  I adore your blog and this award made me smile, indeed!

What IF - Talk about one incredible mama!

Life as Described - You make me laugh!

Strong Blonde - We have SO much in common!

Amanda - Hope your hiatus isn't too long! ;)

And lastly, before I hit the 'publish now' button, I just want to say to WiseBursche, your most recent post made me cry.  I am thinking about you often.

March 10, 2011

A trip to the ER

I am mad about the whole situation and I am trying not to be.  Every one is okay and I am glad for that, but I am just still reeling from the events.
In a nutchell:

We had to take Maddie to the hospital last night because she couldn't move her arm with out extreme pain... and screaming.  (How do I know it was extreme?  because I am the mommy that's how.  No really, she is one tough little monkey and when she gets an owie, she cries for two seconds and moves on.  When she would not settle after an hour and a dose of ibuprofen, I knew it was extreme pain)

She was diagnosed at the hospital with Nursemaid's elbow.  The doctor did his little thing and she stopped screaming and was back to 'normal'.  She is just  a little sore today.

She was in the care of my MIL and I was not there when it happened.  My MIL decided it would be fun to spin the girls around... hanging on to them by their wrists. 

I will post more, perhaps, if I find the right words.

March 8, 2011

Thanks for stopping by!

I really appreciate Multiples and More for featuring my bloggie!  If you are stopping by from there, thank you!  I hope you leave a comment so I can stalk follow your blog!

I am really trying hard to make this whole "I am an independent contractor, please hire me as a violinist for your next event" thing work.  I have gone to the extent to make business cards, fliers, and brochures.  The problem is the time to distribute such readings.  I am pretty much working two jobs and keeping up with the house and the girls.  I am okay with it, but I really hope I get a nibble soon!!  :)  I am going to try to distribute my readings tomorrow in mass quantities because my MIL has the girls. 

Speaking of the girls!  They are doing great... Well, with the exception of the full onset of tantrums.  And the lack of nap time.  We are working through it, though.  Both of them love the freedom of walking and I think they wonder why they waited till recently to start!  They both are very independent and have mastered the stairs pretty well too.   I need to remind them sometimes that the first step is a doosey if they are not turned around (to go backwards), but mostly they don't require, nor want, my help. 

We got them some out door toys because they LOVE to be outside.  LOVE it.  Which is great except when it's bad weather and they stand at the door/window and scream.  We got them golf clubs and Mickie has mastered putting already.  It'll be great to tell stories about how we got them their first set of clubs when they were only a year and a half!  Maddie is more of a soccer player and loves to kick the ball.  Well, right now, she actually loves it when you move her leg for her to kick the ball!  She'll get it on her own pretty soon, I am sure.  

They are also discovering the joy of coloring and I am really happy to see that they don't try to eat the crayons (too much)!

March 1, 2011

Secret Option C

So, I appreciate your feedback about my work path.  I am just in limbo right now.  I am still bringing the girls with me to work as we continue to liquidate (which, btw, is a longer process than I expected) and I am still getting paid.  I do have unemployment lined up, just in case because that's just who I am.. Always trying to prepare for every situation. 

For the last couple of weeks, I have been working on what I am calling 'secret option c'.  If I take anything away from my experiences, here at work, it would be learning that you can make a career out of practically thin air-IF you have the right tools. 

Here are my tools (in none other than bulleted format):
  • I am a violinist.  I have 22 years experience.
  • I am, imo, computer savvy
  • I have what it takes to be an independent contractor
  • I am very motivated
With these tools, my hope is to start a new career.  I have been working on my web page:  I have a business plan and I am going to make a go of it!  Wish me luck as I roll out my web page in the following weeks and try to network to get my name out there. 

I have a family member, K, who is getting married in July and I am going to ask to play at her wedding.  Her sister got married last year and had over 300 guests at her wedding, so I am thinking K's wedding is going to be big too.   That would be cool.

I can SO do this!