February 4, 2011

Snow Day

 This is what my snow day brought!  Actually, I stayed home because Maddie wasn't feeling good (I think she got dehydrated) and lets face it: my job is not exactly go-go-go.  SO, there you have it.  However, it did snow yesterday afternoon.  We were supposed to get about an inch, but got about 7 inches!   The girls loved it... Well, Mickie loved it.  Maddie-not so much.

I am sorry I haven't commented on all of my friends blogs.  I am grateful for the support and the comments during this transition with my job.  I will try to be more on the ball next week!  (Just know that I am reading-even though I may not have commented.. yet)


What IF? said...

So incredibly adorable. Looks like fun bonding time. The snow pics are great - I just can't believe how much their little faces are changing. Growing up! Sending you lots of good thoughts with all the changes on the business front.

strongblonde said...

yay! snow day. they will have great pictures to look back on!

...and have i mentioned how long their hair is???? ;)