February 17, 2011


Be fore-warned that this post is a quick bitch fest. 

I am so damn tired of my MIL and my parents telling me how to parent my children!  I mean, get a f***ing clue will you!!!  They are always telling me something that I 'should' be doing.  Something that I should be buying (you know, cause I am made of money).  Something that I am doing wrong.  Pisses me off. 

I stopped taking their advice long ago.  But it still annoys me.  I wish I didn't have to hear it at all!  It's always:

*the girls need new shoes.
*they don't need a jacket to go outside! it's not that cold.  Your being over protective
*oh-that schedule isn't going to work.
*they are too young to not nap all day (really?  DUH.)
*you need to get them another bean bag
*you need to buy another movie.  they don't want to watch baby signing anymore. (no-it's cause YOU don't want to watch baby signing... yet get all happy when they sign.  Hypocrites)
*you need get the blender out and feed them anything that you eat.
*you need to stop giving them a bottle.
*they didn't want to eat, so I gave them cheese
*they don't want to take a nap right now (...but it's okay to send them home with you all cranky because I am too selfish and want baby time to put them down for a nap)
*on and on and ON!

I mean, it's all the damn time!  I have told them, time and time again, that I (ME!) am the mom.  I make the decisions.  I chose what I think is best.  UGH.  I am so f***ing irritated.


Twingle Mommy said...

My mom and mil always have advice on hand that I have no interest in hearing. But when I do want advice all I seem to get is "I don't know or I can't remember." Really? But you think my kid is hungry every time you see her/him? And that my schedule is too strict, that's the only "stuff" you can remember????? Totally agree so annoying!

Amanda said...

I'm so lucky that my MIL does not hand out advice or make back handed comments. Now, my mother may, but she's just a crazy biotch and I don't listen to her anyway.

The Lane Family said...

I am blessed that my family does not give me that advice..however the neighbors try to tell me that kind of stuff and I just want to say.....If I wanted your opinion I would ask :)

Lisa Devereaux said...

hhaha I totally am there but it is my mother though. Especially the cheese thing. At one stage all they ate at Grammy's (sorry she will not call her self Grandmother so she says we have to call her Grammy) was cheese and yogurt. My mum had twins too (40 weeks compared to my lousy 36 weeks due to pre-eclampsia) so she is an expert on everything. argh! wish I was brave enough to rant about it on my blog but she reads it too...