February 18, 2011

No Fitting Title

So, thanks for listening to me bitch a little bit on the last post!  I am having a hard time deciding on my career direction.   I have a couple of choices (in letter format-for a change of pace!)

A.  Hold out as long as possible working with my dad as we shut down the business.  I am still getting a paycheck as we liquidate things.  I am still working on closing the books and get to bring the girls to work with me.  This process could take a couple of months still.
A1.  When we get all the business stuff wrapped up, I could file for unemployment and 'be okay' for a while and stay at home with the girls.
B.  Actively pursue a job and escape the drama that goes along with option A and A1 and take the girls to a babysitter or get a nanny. 

I think option A is what I am leaning toward, it just all that drama that accompanies it.  I mean, I feel like I am up to my ears with drama.  And while I get to have the girls with me, and that is the most important thing, it is so hard to deal with.

Just this morning, mom tells me that I need to get the girls a hair cut.  I said, why?  She said, it's all straggly.  Um-excuse me!?  My girls hair has NEVER been straggly. 

I think it wouldn't be so bad if there wasn't a hatchet with the handle sticking out.  (old garth brooks anyone?)  It all goes back to the way they treat me and my sister differently.  My sister has always had a silver spoon sticking out of her mouth and mom reloads the spoon and sticks it back in, even to this day.  I, on the other hand, have worked for everything I've got. 

It's like this: they tell me that I need to buy the girls new shoes.  My sister, when the boys were young, would drop them off at mom's with no shoes, no jacket, not even out of their pj's yet.  My mom would go and buy the stuff for her and send it home with the boys. 

This is a glimpse of my life (in a nutchell!) but almost every situation follows suit.  Just like the computer I had mentioned a couple of posts earlier.  I asked dad how much he wanted for my work computer and he told me $300-$400 dollars.  The VERY NEXT DAY, he gave my sister a printer for free.  I bought a new dell for $446, including tax and delivery.  Classic. 

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strongblonde said...

so. i agree that you should do a/a1. you need to enjoy some of the time with the babies.

and wtf is going on with our MIL/mothers? i don't understand. B and I are definitely not the chosen kids in our families either. i just like to think that it makes me a stronger person. the fact of the matter is that you are the mother and no one else can make decisions about how you raise your kids than you (and dh of course). maybe you should start limiting time with them and see how they like it?

Amanda said...

I'd go with a/a1 too. You can always send out resumes while you finish up at your dad's.

My parents use money to control people. We borrowed part of our down payment to our house from them. I'm trying to use my unemployment to finish paying them off so that if I do decide to break off our relationship, I can. (And they gave my brother 10k free and clear for his down payment for his house.)

What IF? said...

The drama must be incredibly challenging and stressful. I can't even imagine having to justify everything at every turn when you're so busy just getting through each day.

Despite that, I think spending as much time as you can with your kids while they're little won't be something you'll regret later. You can always find another job down the line, but having these days with M&M is incredibly precious.

If I were in your shoes, I'd pursue finding another job while earning an income. Knowing that the daily exposure to the drama will end soon, will hopefully help to ride it out.

WiseBursche said...

Looks like your dad favours your sister beyond fair.

And yes, when your ILs tell you that you are being over protective, just tell them that over is better than under in some cases.

Good Luck to you. I think option 3 will get you some sanity.

Johanna said...

I JUST cut my girls' hair for the first time - and they are going to turn 3 in a few weeks! People just think they are being helpful when they give unsolicited advice.

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