February 14, 2011

A lunar halo, Maddie walks, and Mickie's in control

So, Jeff and I are lucky enough to have a hot tub (and the money, for now, to run it when it's sub-zero temps outside).  Last night, as we were getting in, we looked up and saw this:

OK, yeah, this wasn't taken with my camera!  I don't have those kind of skills, BUT, this is exactly what it looked like.  Beautiful.  We sat and enjoyed.  I googled it today to find out that it means menacing weather is coming... :(

Alas, Maddie has perfected her walking skills! 


And I just can't imagine how you could make that into a bad thing... Most everyone that I associate myself with says, "oh, just wait till they walk-your in trouble!"  Well, I think it's great!  I don't have to carry them everywhere!  :) 

And finally, Mickie trying to turn on Elmo:

It's funny because both of them point the controllers at the TV or stereo and sometimes hit the right button! 

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