February 16, 2011

Bath Time

Our bath time tea parties have reached a whole new level.  To me, this looks like it has child social services written all over it!  I was going to title this post: "puff, puff, give!"  But decided against it.  :)  They are actually sipping some cold water out of their tea pot.. although it looks kinda like a bong.

Good times, though, in the bath.  See for yourself!  (daddy is encouraging such fun!)

This video was after washing, playing, brushing teeth, and splashing.  They hate getting out of the tub.  I think they would spend hours in there if I let them! 

1 comment:

Amanda said...

There is never a lack of cute over here :)

I wish we could let Michael out of his bathseat to have fun like that in the tub but since he got tubes we have to be paranoid freaks about him getting water in his ears.