January 31, 2011

Where'd January Go?

So, in the midst of all of this work drama, the girls are doing pretty good.   The weather was beautiful this weekend and we took full advantage and went for walks and to our local river walk with the dogs.  The above shot of Maddie is a rare one-she hardly ever looks at the camera!  (She does look pretty tired though!)

Mickie was really pissed at me for a while because I was having to leave her over at my mom's or my MIL's because I had to concentrate on work.  As I stated in the last post, the family business is closing and so as far as leaving the girls somewhere, it's only going to get worse.  But for right now, while things are winding down, they are with me everyday. 

We were "experimenting" with one nap a day.   It didn't go too good! haha.  See the girls don't really sleep a whole lot during their morning nap.  They talk and play in their cribs and maybe fall asleep about 20-30 minutes before I get them up at 11.  (What I told myself, and now believe, is that they are still "resting" even though they may not sleep).  I have to get the up at 11 and no later if I want them to take an afternoon nap.   They take good afternoon naps 90% of the time (I probly just jinxed myself).  SO I figured I would move up the afternoon nap from 2:30 to 1 and skip the morning nap all together.  It worked in the fact that they took great naps with little or no fuss to go down and would sleep for 2 to 2 1/2 hours.  That is if you can stand them for the whole morning and constantly entertain them!! no thank you.  :)  So back to two naps a day. 

Mickie is a walking pro now! She is able to stop, bend down and pick something up, walk, and turn with no assistance!  Maddie is taking about 5 steps at a time, but has really gotten motivated in the last day or two because she sees Mickie walking.  It won't be long.  :)

Given their new mobility, they are no longer happy to stay in their playroom and play while Jeff and I fix dinner/eat/clean/whatever.  So this weekend, we baby proofed the rest of the house, with the exception of the kitchen and let them loose!  They, needless to say, loved it!  And so did daddy and I. 

Maddie is "talking" a lot. And loudly. She does know the word "hey!" and shouts it when she wakes up from a nap!  Maddie is also very bendy.  She folds herself in half or puts her foot above her head when she is trying to crawl on something (like the recliner).  It makes me laugh.  Jeff and I tease that someday she is going to be very popular! haha (I am sure we won't think that is funny later on in life).

Mickie loves to hand me everything.  Anything.  A piece of string? Here you go mom.  The remote?  Here you go mom.  A little rock?  Here you go mom.  You get the picture!  It's precious.  Here is a video of Mickie walking, and when Maddie perfects the skill, I will post a video of her. 


January 24, 2011

The saying, "all good things must come to an end" is absolutely, unfortunately, true. 

For the last six years, I have had it good.  When I started working for my dad, it was a little bit of a rocky transition, but it was a really good career move.  I have a nice office, a nice salary, I make my own hours, and for the last eight months, I have been able to bring my girls with me to work. 

It's not perfect, given the fact that 'the moms' have to come to the office to watch the girls while I work and they are HARD to deal with.  It's not perfect in the fact that I, in my opinion, am not making what I am worth.  

There are pros and cons to every situation, in this situation, the pros (namely bringing my girls to work) by far outweighed the cons. 

Alas, it is over.  We have no choice, as a company, but to liquidate everything and close down.  There are so many levels of sadness here:
  • My dad-  He is 55 years old and been doing this for the last 32 years.  Now, he is unemployed.  He feels like he let us all down.  (of course, I couldn't be more proud of him and the time he has spent building this company, but he doesn't see it that way.  Truth be told, his health won't allow him to continue anyway.)
  • Me and the girls- I have to find another job and I am sure my next employer wouldn't want me to bring my girls ;)  Mickie is already pissed at me (and I am not exaggerating) that I am not with her all the time because in this transition, I am having to leave them at my mom's or MIL's house.  It blows. (this is a post in and of it's own).
  • My brother-in-law- He also works here and is unemployed now. 
  • The dozens of other families that are affected by this- we employ about 20 people, but the actual number of families that are affected by our closure is twice that, at least.
I actually interviewed for a great job and I don't think I got it because my heart wasn't into it.. Damn it. 

... (blowing raspberries)

January 3, 2011

Happy 2011

As I look back at last year's posts, I am whisked back in time. The girls are growing so fast and there were so many changes, both physically and personality wise, in the first year that I have a hard time recalling just how different they were.   This Saturday, they will be 15 months old.  (holy shit!)

We are back to our normal routine, and I find myself really struggling with my mom and MIL and the way they take care of the girls.... It's like today is the first day ever that they have watched them!  A couple examples, in bullet form:
  • The girls play with their bottles sometimes.  (shocker.) The second they take it out of their mouth, both mom's take it away and start to offer solid food instead of offering the bottle again.
  • Maddie has become picky about the food she eats and has decided that all she wants is mac and cheese... Well, this mommy isn't having it!  I got one of those divider plates and mix up the bites so that she doesn't know what's coming next.  It works-and it's not rocket science, although to the mom's you would think so. 
  • If the girls don't go to sleep with in, say, a half hour after being put down for a nap it's because they have probably pooed their pants.  I have told the mom's this time and time again, but no.  Let's let them sit in it and delay the nap or skip it all together for that matter!
  • I guarantee the girls are thirsty after their nap, yet I have to tell the moms time and time again to offer them some water.
These are some of the big hitters, although the whole list of annoyances is long and distinguished.  I don't pay the mom's so, I just deal with it.  But I wonder alot of the time, "why are they here? It goes smoother if I just do it."

Anywhoser, a couple of things that bring a smile to my face, again in bulleted format (what can I say, I love bullets)
  • Mickie is a biter.  It's actually not funny because she bit Maddie the other day hard enough to draw blood and leave a nasty bruise.  Obviously, it is not done on purpose and I know she doesn't know that it hurts.  I will not scold her if I come into the picture after it has happened.  I have caught her in the act a time or two and corrected her.  She hasn't done it since.  My mom told me to bite her back.... Anyone?  (No joke-as I typed that sentence, Mickie bit Maddie again!  Although, mom didn't bite her back... why not??!  I told Mickie that it hurt Maddie, showing her the sign for hurt.)  Anyone know how to kick this biting habit?
  • Mickie loves to cuddle. Anytime I am holding her, especially around strangers, she lays her head on my shoulder.  (Come to think about it, she's been doing that since Santa... It must have scarred her! haha.)  I love to cuddle with her.
  • Maddie has the sweetest voice.  She is always "talking" and I love to hear her.  She has such a gentle personality.  
  • Maddie gives all of her cheerios to her sister when she is not hungry anymore.  So cute.  Mickie is a little cheerio monger, so she gladly accepts!
  • Maddie thinks her sister is very funny.  Mickie shakes her head back and forth when I ask her if she is being silly. Maddie laughs until she can't breathe. 
  • Mickie took 5 steps the other day.  Then she did it again yesterday.  :)
  • Maddie loves to walk holding onto my index fingers.  I think she is waiting for Mickie to do it first, then she'll have a go at it.

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