December 20, 2010

Post in Pictures (with captions)

This is at the office and when it get's quiet, there is a reason!  Mickie, obviously found the tee pee and decided to unrole it.  Maddie was close behind, I think egging her on!

Maddie didn't feel good and didn't have the energy to take her hat all the way off, so she rode the entire way home like this.

Jeff's corporate Christmas party.  Could have used the red eye function!  We danced the night away and had a great time!

I made these cookies and mints, but sadly we ended up throwing them away because I made them when I was sick and I didn't want to spread germies.  :(  They were pretty though!



strongblonde said...

you're back to the original name :)

LOVE the pic of the bathroom. why is it that they are so facinated with the toilet paper? seriously! i feel like i spend a lot of time re-rolling it!

hope you have some (non-stress) nice family time this holiday :)


What IF? said...

Oh my, that toiletpaper pic is awesome! Can't wait to read the captions. Btw, you look radiant!