December 29, 2010

Moving On

I had such high hopes for Christmas.. They all came crashing down as it was one disaster after another and I am just happy it is over.  I did really enjoy the girls, but my family made it very hard to see the good in the holiday.  

It all started the Monday before Christmas, when Mickie was up at 1:00 in the morning, throwing up.   Two days later, Madison, Jeff, my mom, my dad, and I all had the crud and were throwing up as well.  Jeff and I could barely lift our heads up off the pillow and had to have my MIL come help us.  We went to our pre-eve festivities on Thursday, where Jeff's mom started to throw up and missed all the present opening.  The girls were not feeling well still and Jeff and I had little energy.  The girls cried and cried while the rest of us tried to open packages and check on MIL. 

Friday, the festivities continued as we went to Christmas Eve at my mom's, where the girls (apparently) were expected to sit through two hours of present opening and when Jeff and I had to excuse ourselves to go feed them and put them to bed, everyone else continued to open packages and we missed practically the whole thing. 

Christmas day started off okay as we went to my Aunts house, but then ended up a repeat of the previous night as the girls grew tired of the package opening ritual and when we excused ourselves once again to take care of them, we came back and everyone had continued without us and we missed a lot of it.  (Not saying that everything has to be on hold because of us, but it would be nice if people could give just a little understanding.)

Christmas night was cancelled due to MIL being sick and then FIL contracted the crud too.  Sunday, we spent at home resting and getting ready for the week hoping things would turn around. 

Alas, on the way to work Monday morning, Madison spewed in the car.... I got to work, cleaned her up, then turned around and went back home. 

Tuesday, Dad was sick again.

Here I am on Wednesday.  Waiting.  So far, no one has gotten sick...yet.

On top of all the crap going around and everyone puking their guts out, it has just been challenging dealing with the entire family.  Plus, dad and I have been fighting tooth and nail to keep the business open and it is wearing on the both of us. 

I am glad the holiday's are over. 

I did enjoy the girls tremendously.  I am thankful for every moment I have with them and when I look back at the pictures, it looks like a lot of fun and it reminds me of one of my favorite quotes:  "You never see hard times in a photograph, but those are the times that get you from one happy snap shot to the next."  ~Anonymous

Last year, I took well over 2000 happy snap shots. This year, between all of the sickness and family and work drama, I have already taken over 300 happy snap shots.  Here are a few:


Kahla said...

Seems like the crud is everywhere, so hope it's away for good for all of you!

Emery wasn't really in to opening gifts this year either, she lost interest very quickly. However, I bet next year they will totally be in to it!

Glad ya'll had a good holiday despite all that was going on and hoping that the days to come just get even better!

strongblonde said...

yuck! sorry you had to deal with the family drama AND all the sickness. one by itself is bad enough! :( boo!!

we will have to have a "family drama" talk at some point :) it's always helpful to know that you are not suffering alone, you know?

btw: great pics!!!