December 10, 2010

I still have babies

Well, the girls are 14 months old.  I can't believe it.  It's so wonderful.  They are full of surprises all the time!  At what point do babies become toddlers?  When they walk and 'toddle' around?  If so, I still have babies! lol.

Mickie thinks she can put on her own lotion after her bath and rubs her hands together then rubs her body.  It is so cute.   She loves to play peek-a-boo.  Last night I was feeding her and she put her hands over her eyes and smashed some food all in her eye lashes and eye brows! 

Maddie has taken to "scaring" people.  She makes this 'o' face and then shouts "rawr" and then cracks up laughing!  Way too funny.  She will not take any help when she brushes her teeth, but it's fine, cause she's good at it! 

We went to the doctor yesterday to get their booster flu shot, which went well.  We let them... brace yourself... play with the toys at the ped's office!  Of course we had lysol, hand sanitizer, and clorox wipes standing by! 

We are getting 'them' a DVD player for the car for Christmas.  We also got them big girls chairs, elmo dolls, a kitchen and all the accessories, ride-on toys, and some clothes.  We went a little crazy!  It's all good. 

They aren't walking yet, which makes me kinda sad sometimes, but if I think about it and adjust their age for prematurity, they are a little over a year old so it's not so bad if I look at it that way!  I had hoped they'd be walking before Halloween.  Nope.  Thanksgiving?  Nope.  So now, I am hoping before Christmas!  If not, oh well.  They have the rest of their lives to walk!

Last Year: Remedies  (Man, did I jinx myself with the whole, "my babies don't have colic" comment.)

PS- Josie, you're right! My mom is a total tool.  :) 


PJ said...

Wow 14 months! Just, wow! It goes by so quickly, huh?

Addison is not rolling over yet and Lauren did it about six weeks ago, so I'm kind of stressing about that too. They were born at 37 weeks, I guess that makes them still a little premature. But the ped isn't worried, so that helps.

I stared at the toys in the peds office last week when we were waiting for him, and thought "who lets their kids play with them?, I wonder if they sanitize them everyday? (ha!)"

Sounds like you're going to have a great Christmas!

WiseGuy said...

Well, the girls are getting cuter by the day.

My niece also has this thing about creams and lotions...she wants to apply them on her own and resists anybody else doing it for her. Cute.

I am glad the shots went well...and the girls will walk in their due you said...they have the rest of their lives to walk...

Kahla said...

All I can say is how did 14 months go so fast??!?!?! I bet they are so much fun, I love this stage.

Chase was a late walker, Emery was an early walker... just depends on the kid. I wouldn't worry about it all. I mean to be honest, why walk when everyone will carry you? ;o)

As for the toddler thing, I still call her a baby, toddler just sounds way too big!

strongblonde said...

it's normal to not walk even until 18 months!! i know it's stressful when you feel like they are "late" but really, the doc would say something if you needed to be concerned. :)

my kids love to "scare" people, too. they sneak up behind you and say, "baaaaaaa". we got a note from daycare last week that said: "T said "baaa" a lot today". ahahahaha. apparently he was trying to scare people there, too!