December 30, 2010

ahh- good times!

I told you this was hilarious!  I crack up because when we were standing in line, everything was ALL GOOD.  The girls were eating some mac and cheese, smiling at all the people, entranced by the winter wonderland around them... then when we got up there, Maddie had a hold of me like white on rice!  I think Mickie made sure the WHOLE mall knew she wasn't happy!  The lady was like, "what should I do??"  I said, "take the picture! they aren't going to get any happier!"

It amazes me how Santa can continue to smile.  :)

December 29, 2010

Moving On

I had such high hopes for Christmas.. They all came crashing down as it was one disaster after another and I am just happy it is over.  I did really enjoy the girls, but my family made it very hard to see the good in the holiday.  

It all started the Monday before Christmas, when Mickie was up at 1:00 in the morning, throwing up.   Two days later, Madison, Jeff, my mom, my dad, and I all had the crud and were throwing up as well.  Jeff and I could barely lift our heads up off the pillow and had to have my MIL come help us.  We went to our pre-eve festivities on Thursday, where Jeff's mom started to throw up and missed all the present opening.  The girls were not feeling well still and Jeff and I had little energy.  The girls cried and cried while the rest of us tried to open packages and check on MIL. 

Friday, the festivities continued as we went to Christmas Eve at my mom's, where the girls (apparently) were expected to sit through two hours of present opening and when Jeff and I had to excuse ourselves to go feed them and put them to bed, everyone else continued to open packages and we missed practically the whole thing. 

Christmas day started off okay as we went to my Aunts house, but then ended up a repeat of the previous night as the girls grew tired of the package opening ritual and when we excused ourselves once again to take care of them, we came back and everyone had continued without us and we missed a lot of it.  (Not saying that everything has to be on hold because of us, but it would be nice if people could give just a little understanding.)

Christmas night was cancelled due to MIL being sick and then FIL contracted the crud too.  Sunday, we spent at home resting and getting ready for the week hoping things would turn around. 

Alas, on the way to work Monday morning, Madison spewed in the car.... I got to work, cleaned her up, then turned around and went back home. 

Tuesday, Dad was sick again.

Here I am on Wednesday.  Waiting.  So far, no one has gotten sick...yet.

On top of all the crap going around and everyone puking their guts out, it has just been challenging dealing with the entire family.  Plus, dad and I have been fighting tooth and nail to keep the business open and it is wearing on the both of us. 

I am glad the holiday's are over. 

I did enjoy the girls tremendously.  I am thankful for every moment I have with them and when I look back at the pictures, it looks like a lot of fun and it reminds me of one of my favorite quotes:  "You never see hard times in a photograph, but those are the times that get you from one happy snap shot to the next."  ~Anonymous

Last year, I took well over 2000 happy snap shots. This year, between all of the sickness and family and work drama, I have already taken over 300 happy snap shots.  Here are a few:

December 20, 2010

Post in Pictures (with captions)

This is at the office and when it get's quiet, there is a reason!  Mickie, obviously found the tee pee and decided to unrole it.  Maddie was close behind, I think egging her on!

Maddie didn't feel good and didn't have the energy to take her hat all the way off, so she rode the entire way home like this.

Jeff's corporate Christmas party.  Could have used the red eye function!  We danced the night away and had a great time!

I made these cookies and mints, but sadly we ended up throwing them away because I made them when I was sick and I didn't want to spread germies.  :(  They were pretty though!


December 10, 2010

I still have babies

Well, the girls are 14 months old.  I can't believe it.  It's so wonderful.  They are full of surprises all the time!  At what point do babies become toddlers?  When they walk and 'toddle' around?  If so, I still have babies! lol.

Mickie thinks she can put on her own lotion after her bath and rubs her hands together then rubs her body.  It is so cute.   She loves to play peek-a-boo.  Last night I was feeding her and she put her hands over her eyes and smashed some food all in her eye lashes and eye brows! 

Maddie has taken to "scaring" people.  She makes this 'o' face and then shouts "rawr" and then cracks up laughing!  Way too funny.  She will not take any help when she brushes her teeth, but it's fine, cause she's good at it! 

We went to the doctor yesterday to get their booster flu shot, which went well.  We let them... brace yourself... play with the toys at the ped's office!  Of course we had lysol, hand sanitizer, and clorox wipes standing by! 

We are getting 'them' a DVD player for the car for Christmas.  We also got them big girls chairs, elmo dolls, a kitchen and all the accessories, ride-on toys, and some clothes.  We went a little crazy!  It's all good. 

They aren't walking yet, which makes me kinda sad sometimes, but if I think about it and adjust their age for prematurity, they are a little over a year old so it's not so bad if I look at it that way!  I had hoped they'd be walking before Halloween.  Nope.  Thanksgiving?  Nope.  So now, I am hoping before Christmas!  If not, oh well.  They have the rest of their lives to walk!

Last Year: Remedies  (Man, did I jinx myself with the whole, "my babies don't have colic" comment.)

PS- Josie, you're right! My mom is a total tool.  :) 

December 6, 2010

Dodging chunks (eww!)

Thank you for your thoughts on my last post.  I am much obliged.  For right now, I am not going to worry so much about the girls being on a bottle still.  I have decided that since I don't let them go to bed or nap with a bottle, that their teeth aren't in danger. (Plus we brush their teeth twice a day too).  I realize that prolonging the transition will make it harder to do in the future, but at this juncture, I am going to stay on the course I am on.  They take a bottle three times a day and the noon bottle will be eliminated by the end of December.   During the first part of next year, I will determine when/how to eliminate the last two bottles. 

In the mean time, we have come to the conclusion that Madison's week-o-puke was caused by cow's milk.  It seems that she is still very intolerant of it.  We thought she had the flu, but the part that was puzzling to all of us (doctor and Jeff and I) was the fact that throughout Madison's "illness", Mackenzie remained better than ever.  That never happens!  If one is sick, the other is sick no matter how hard I try!

I was mixing half formula with half cow's milk for about 3 weeks (they didn't like plain cows milk at all!) and looking back, from the time I started doing that, Maddie has been "sick".  Just not herself.  She always looked tired, even if she had just awoke.  She didn't laugh and play like usual, she even threw up a couple of times in the beginning of the three weeks, but I attributed it to her gagging herself or choking on a piece of food that wasn't small enough.  It was last Sunday that she really started projectile vomiting!  I immediately thought it was the flu although she never ran a fever, she was never congested and she had no other flu like symptoms.   After four days of vomiting intermittently, we put the pieces of the puzzle together and took her off of cow's milk.  TA DA!!  All fixed. (knock on wood) 

The doctor said that it was fine to keep her on the toddler formula and if we wanted to try to get her on cow's milk again, to try again in another month or so... I think we will just stick to formula.  :)

PS-My mom is up in arms, as they say, because she has been pushing cow's milk since 6 months old.  It kills her that I put them back on formula!  :)

December 2, 2010

I play a smart person IRL

So, I realize that I am good at playing it off that I know exactly what to do when it comes to taking care of the girls.  I am good at this mostly because of my mother.  Over the last year, she has led me astray on many things concerning the girls and I have learned to go with my instinct and to heed the advice of our ped and the dear internet. 

For example, when the girls got their first shots, Mickie screamed and screamed and when I asked her what to do, she had no immediate answer.  After some thought, she said that I should take her to the ER.  Then she said to try a bath.  I tried the bath, thinking that at 2 months old she was a bit young to appreciate the soothing qualities of a bath.  I was right and it only prolonged the screaming and really what she needed was to go to bed.  After she fell asleep I dream fed her and all was okay.  The next day mom said that she told everyone that she knew that all I had to do was put her to bed...  Mom told me to get the girls on solid foods at 4 months old.... And according to her, I am the devil for keeping them on formula for so long....  Recently, when Maddie was throwing up and sick with the flu, mom told me to give her tea.  I actually called the ped who told me to put her on a clear liquid diet with lots of pedialite and give her mild solids only after she has not thrown up for 8 hours.  The next day, mom told me that she knew that that's what was needed, but just wanted me to figure it out on my own.  

These are a few examples out of literally hundreds.  Thousands, even.  I am used to it (as it has gone on my entire life, it's just ten times worse now that I have children) and I compensate by not asking for her advice and when she offers it (all the time), to just take it with a grain of salt. 

So what am I getting at?  Well, I play a good role, but I find myself needing help with no one to turn to.  I am having trouble weaning the girls off of the bottle and I guess deep down I think that I am doing the right thing, but I have no confirmation.  Happy babies ??  (Which they are) I guess that's my confirmation. 

Jeff is pretty good at supporting my decisions, but that's what they are-My decisions.  If it were up to him, we wouldn't wean them off the bottle!  :)  That's okay.  I don't really mind.  I am the mom and I technically know what's best, right? 

So, today, I am counting calories and stressing myself out to make sure that the girls are getting the proper nutrition given that I have dropped another bottle off of the feeding schedule.  And I realize that the girls are not machines, and they won't eat exactly 990 calories as I have calculated given their weight.  But at least it's something to go by.

Here are my thoughts intermingled with their schedule: (and if anyone has any advice, by all means, please share.  I am sure it will help me to be able to look back at this too, which is another reason I am documenting it.)

7: 00 a.m: 10 oz bottle (They drink it willingly. They love their bottles which is good, but I wonder if I should limit the ounces to 8 and feed them more food.) and a jar of fruit each (they love fruit, but sometimes I feel like I am stuffing them after all that milk.)

Mid morning around 9:00-9:15: a jar of meat/fruit each a half jar of veggies and if they want more, some fruit.  Water to drink in their sippy cups.  (This feeding is pretty smooth.  They enjoy the food and are happy to eat and drink from their cups.)

9:30-10:30 - nap

12:00: 10 oz bottle. (again, they drink it most willingly.  They cry if I take it away and give them solid food.  I have tried milk in a sippy cup and they don't drink it... but maybe that's fine..?? It's only after they have had their bottle that they take solid food) and a jar each of veggies/meat/sw potato and a jar of fruit.

2:00 -3:30 -nap

4:00: 10 oz bottle and two jars each of veggies/meat/sw potato/fruit (same as above)

6:30 bath time

7:00 10 oz bottle and a jar of fruit each.

7:30 p.m.-7:00 am -sleep

So, today, I am eliminating the 4:00 p.m. bottle and replacing it with more food and water in their sippy cups.  By the end of December, I will eliminate the noon bottle and replace it with food and water.  So when we start the new year, they will only have a bottle in the morning and at night.  Then I will drop off the night bottle (maybe?) and finally the morning bottle-since that is the one they want most.

...Looking at it, it doesn't look that bad.... It does look like a lot of work on my part though! haha.

Another thing (as if this post needs to be longer), is that I read on all sorts of blogs that their kiddos at this age are eating finger foods and pretty much small pieces of what the parents are eating and I don't know how to do this..  What finger foods?  Why not jar food?  Expense?  Like, last night for dinner, we had BBQ'd beef and cauliflower florets with cheese sauce.  I think the BBQ sauce was too spicy for them and I think if I was going to give them the cauliflower and cheese, that I would run it through the blender first... so why not just give them baby food?  I don't know what to do there.  The night before last, we had fajitas.... The night before that we had fish and steamed broccoli.  I gave them some fish, but they didn't seem to care for it. 

I know that I said the girls ate a lot Thanksgiving food, but it was mashed taters and gravy mostly, very few pieces of turkey so small that I don't even know how they tasted it! Pie, which is soft enough. Bread and butter-soft enough. Stuffing-had a teeny tiny bite.  Cranberry sauce-soft enough. 

They do get a lot of pieces and samples of our food, but not nearly enough to sustain them. 

Well, anywhoser, that's my dilemma.  It's not a bad dilemma, but again, I think I am just looking for confirmation that I am doing the right thing...Some one out there that is doing the same thing? 

If you made it to the bottom of this post, I applaud you!  :)