November 18, 2010


Why the hell are people so pushy? Why is it that nearly everyone you come in contact with has to tell you his/her opinion and then look down on you if you don't take on that same opinion?  Why is this phenomenon 10 fold with people with kids? 

Since the day Jeff and I got married we have been asked when we were going to have kids.  "Kids are the greatest thing in the world! You should have some."  "If you wait, it won't happen."  "I have heard older women say they regret waiting."  "You can get your degree after you have kids" "You have too much time/money on your hands, you should have some kids."

After we had our miracles, people still chime in all.the.time.  "You need to turn their car seat around-they want to look out the window."  "You need to get them off of formula."  "I think they will do just fine with out any naps today." "I never fed you baby food-you were eating steak at 10 months old!" "Your keeping your babies too hot at night."  "you are over protective."  "Babies need to get sick-it builds their immune system."  -DON'T even get me started on that one.

The thing is:  I don't go around telling people that they should get their degree instead of having kids.  I don't volunteer my opinion about the way people parent (or lack there of in some cases).  More importantly, I don't look down on someone because their opinion is different from mine.  Even if I have had an experience that I can offer some really good advice,  I don't give it unless they ask. 

So what the hell happened to every one's filter?  Or do people just not come with a filter anymore? 


What IF? said...

Oh, I'm so with you on the lack of filters. There's something about having triplets that makes everyone feel entitled to share their opinions.

And don't get ME started on the whole carseat thing, 'cause in Sweden kids stay rear facing until at least age 4, and often well beyond that. I wouldn't even argue with stupidity, just make them watch this:

or this, if they need music, LOL:

strongblonde said...

people always think that what they did is best, you know? it drives me crazy. i KNOW my kids would probably be happier if they were forward facing....but they are SAFER rear facing. in the end, doesn't that make them happier?

strangers don't approach me, though. perhaps i give off the don't-talk-to-me-or-i'll-cut-you vibe? who knows.

btw: my kids still gag on stage 3 foods, too. :)

What IF? said...

Yes, stage 3 foods are nasty. Mine skipped it, went straight to finger foods and did really well. Our speech pathologist/feeding therapist said it's very common for kids to gag on - and subsequently skip - stage 3 foods. Kids easily lose track of the solid pieces within the liquid. If it's just solid or just puree they can handle it, but the combo is a killer, apparently. Who knew?! I certainly didn't and thought stage 3 was important to help them transition, but she said, "Nah. Just go for it."

Sounds like your girls are ready for small pieces of whatever you're eating.