November 19, 2010

Family 2010

We recently had family pictures taken.  Here are a few, albeit of poor quality because I am literally taking a picture of my computer screen!  (the real pics won't be ready till next week, but I can't wait that long!)

And now blogger is being a poopy head and won't let me upload any more.  (blowing raspberries)

PS-Strongblonde-You have NO IDEA how much better I felt knowing that your kiddos gag on stage 3 food too!  THANK YOU.  (I am sorry that they gag though. :( )


PJ said...

Chelle! What great shots! Ohmygosh, the girls are getting big!

Apparently my mom has gotten the girls dresses and has made an appointment for a photo shoot. So, we'll have some soon.

Baby holiday dresses! Adorable!

Kahla said...

Emery wouldn't even eat stage three, she looked at me like I was crazy!

The pics are beautiful!!

WiseGuy said...

I absolutely love the pics....they have turned out so well!

Sending many good wishes and blessings for your family!

BumpyJourney said...

OMG- too cute!! I love it! You look awesome btw.

Jackie said...

I am in love with these photographs. Nice job!