November 17, 2010

and I quote

The girls clap their hands when ever I say "happy" because of the song "if your happy and you know it, clap your hands!"  They are clearly geniuses.  They also clap when they see the word "clap" on the TV when they are watching "your baby can read."  I, therefore, endorse that product.  I have no doubt that they will be able to read at a "young" age. 

They are able to sign several things now as well and I am able to ask them to point to their hair or nose or tummy and they are able to do it (Most of the time.  Sometimes they look at me as if to say, "mom, I am not a performing monkey.")

They are "talking" a lot.  They have their own chatter between them, but when I say something like "doggie", they try really hard to say it too.  Right now, it comes out as "bogg...." and trails off at the end of the word. 

Last night, Mickie "walked" on her knees.  I guess she is experimenting with her balance before she takes off on her feet!  Maddie isn't too keen on standing alone yet.  She leans against the wall or something stable, but doesn't let go.  If you try to make her walk, she melts back down on all fours!

I have to put their hair in ponies everyday because it gets in their eyes, but I am not going to cut it for a while.  When I was little, I had long hair and so will my girls.  I look forward to braiding it at night.


Amanda said...

Your girls are always just so cute.

I've been trying to get M to clap for months, but he just likes to flap his arms in the air.

I know the Your Baby Can Read stuff works, but we are staying away from it because I'm worried that sight reading can increase the risk of dyslexia and me and DH both have strong dyslexic tendencies (that's probably why we are both engineers). But I do think it would be really neat to have babies that can read a such a young age.

Kahla said...

Isn't this such a fun age!!!!

Let me know how that whole braiding thing goes. I think Emery is a doll in piggies but she HATES me doing it. I can't imagine her letting me braid it!

What IF? said...

Love reading your updates and seeing pics of the girls - they're such happy babies - and so smart. More pics, more stories, please keep 'em coming! It also gives me cool ideas on what I could be showing or teaching my kids next. Mine are into high fiving and reaching above their heads, "soooo big."