November 23, 2010


Mickie took two steps on Friday! So close.  :)

Maddie pushes up from a squat and laughs so hard at her newest accomplishment, that she falls back down!

It kinda pisses me off how people always tell me (and I do mean always.  I'd be lucky if I got through a day with out hearing this), "Wait till they walk-your really gonna have your hands full."  I think: Well, it's not as if I don't have my hands full already.  I want to answer with, "well, they do crawl, you know."  People are (apparently) concerned that one will go one way and the other will go the other way.  They already do that!  I can't wait till they walk so that I don't have to carry them everywhere! haha.

Another thing that happened:  Maddie wanted, last night, to do nothing more than cuddle with Daddy.  It was the.most.precious.thing.I.have.EVER.seen.period.  :) I didn't run to get the camera for fear that she would want to follow me so I let them just sit there for about ten minutes (which is like a life-time for a 13 month old!).  After ten minutes I got up to get the camera to capture the moment and sure enough, she moved.  At least Jeff got to share that with her.   Then-Mickie wanted to lay on Jeff's back.  It only lasted about 2 seconds-but still a moment! 

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