November 30, 2010

Long Weekend

 Thanks Giving was one of the most delightful holidays Jeff and I have had in probably 5 years.  The girls were well and we actually enjoyed being around the family (for the most part!).  Holidays are usually such a hassle because Jeff's fam and mine are like oil and water.  They don't mix, no matter how hard I try.  So we end up going to my side of the family's house at noon and then going to Jeff's side in the evening.  Christmas is a nightmare-we have a Christmas eve, eve.  A Christmas eve lunch (except this year this one will be eliminated because grandpa passed away).  A Christmas eve.  A Christmas Day lunch.  A Christmas Day dinner.  THEN, on the 27th, Jeff's sister throws her annual "holiday party".  I mean-COMMON! 

I am hopeful this year, however, that it will be a grand Holiday given how great Thanks Giving was.  We went to my moms at noon and had lunch.  In fact, we got there at 11:30 and managed to make one of the two turkeys, two pies, a casserole, stuffing, and we stopped and picked up some wine (because what Holiday is complete without vino?).  We ate and the girls enjoyed mashed potatoes, gravy, turkey, cranberry sauce, bread and butter, and stuffing!  We left around 2:00 and got home to put the girls down for a nap while Jeff and I regrouped (even got a siesta of our own) and went to his side of the family's house.  We ate again(!) and so did the girls.  We took their pac and play's so that we could put them to "bed" and not have to leave after only an hour of being there and they went right to sleep!  no fuss at all. 

Friday we got up and packed for a mini vaca!  We stayed at an Embassy suites so that we could put the girls in one room to nap/sleep and we could have the other room to watch tv/nap/sleep/be merry ourselves.  We swam in the pool, napped, shopped, had breakfast in bed, went to the aquarium (which the girls loved!) and had a great time.  

Sunday, when we got home, our glorious weekend came to a crashing end as Maddie got sick and threw up six times in about 3 hours.  Poor little thing. She has been on a clear liquid diet and is on the mend today.  She hasn't thrown up since yesterday afternoon.  Mickie, miraculously, is doing okay and hasn't contracted the stomach bug...yet.  :)

It was hard to come back to work after such a great weekend.  Like I said, I am very hopeful for Christmas!

November 23, 2010


Mickie took two steps on Friday! So close.  :)

Maddie pushes up from a squat and laughs so hard at her newest accomplishment, that she falls back down!

It kinda pisses me off how people always tell me (and I do mean always.  I'd be lucky if I got through a day with out hearing this), "Wait till they walk-your really gonna have your hands full."  I think: Well, it's not as if I don't have my hands full already.  I want to answer with, "well, they do crawl, you know."  People are (apparently) concerned that one will go one way and the other will go the other way.  They already do that!  I can't wait till they walk so that I don't have to carry them everywhere! haha.

Another thing that happened:  Maddie wanted, last night, to do nothing more than cuddle with Daddy.  It was the.most.precious.thing.I.have.EVER.seen.period.  :) I didn't run to get the camera for fear that she would want to follow me so I let them just sit there for about ten minutes (which is like a life-time for a 13 month old!).  After ten minutes I got up to get the camera to capture the moment and sure enough, she moved.  At least Jeff got to share that with her.   Then-Mickie wanted to lay on Jeff's back.  It only lasted about 2 seconds-but still a moment! 

Last year at this time: Evolution

November 19, 2010

Family 2010

We recently had family pictures taken.  Here are a few, albeit of poor quality because I am literally taking a picture of my computer screen!  (the real pics won't be ready till next week, but I can't wait that long!)

And now blogger is being a poopy head and won't let me upload any more.  (blowing raspberries)

PS-Strongblonde-You have NO IDEA how much better I felt knowing that your kiddos gag on stage 3 food too!  THANK YOU.  (I am sorry that they gag though. :( )

November 18, 2010


Why the hell are people so pushy? Why is it that nearly everyone you come in contact with has to tell you his/her opinion and then look down on you if you don't take on that same opinion?  Why is this phenomenon 10 fold with people with kids? 

Since the day Jeff and I got married we have been asked when we were going to have kids.  "Kids are the greatest thing in the world! You should have some."  "If you wait, it won't happen."  "I have heard older women say they regret waiting."  "You can get your degree after you have kids" "You have too much time/money on your hands, you should have some kids."

After we had our miracles, people still chime in all.the.time.  "You need to turn their car seat around-they want to look out the window."  "You need to get them off of formula."  "I think they will do just fine with out any naps today." "I never fed you baby food-you were eating steak at 10 months old!" "Your keeping your babies too hot at night."  "you are over protective."  "Babies need to get sick-it builds their immune system."  -DON'T even get me started on that one.

The thing is:  I don't go around telling people that they should get their degree instead of having kids.  I don't volunteer my opinion about the way people parent (or lack there of in some cases).  More importantly, I don't look down on someone because their opinion is different from mine.  Even if I have had an experience that I can offer some really good advice,  I don't give it unless they ask. 

So what the hell happened to every one's filter?  Or do people just not come with a filter anymore? 

November 17, 2010

and I quote

The girls clap their hands when ever I say "happy" because of the song "if your happy and you know it, clap your hands!"  They are clearly geniuses.  They also clap when they see the word "clap" on the TV when they are watching "your baby can read."  I, therefore, endorse that product.  I have no doubt that they will be able to read at a "young" age. 

They are able to sign several things now as well and I am able to ask them to point to their hair or nose or tummy and they are able to do it (Most of the time.  Sometimes they look at me as if to say, "mom, I am not a performing monkey.")

They are "talking" a lot.  They have their own chatter between them, but when I say something like "doggie", they try really hard to say it too.  Right now, it comes out as "bogg...." and trails off at the end of the word. 

Last night, Mickie "walked" on her knees.  I guess she is experimenting with her balance before she takes off on her feet!  Maddie isn't too keen on standing alone yet.  She leans against the wall or something stable, but doesn't let go.  If you try to make her walk, she melts back down on all fours!

I have to put their hair in ponies everyday because it gets in their eyes, but I am not going to cut it for a while.  When I was little, I had long hair and so will my girls.  I look forward to braiding it at night.

November 16, 2010

Shopping Cart, I am not just blurting out random words! (although, it's been known to happen)  We had to go to the grocery store the other night because our nightly routine would not be complete without a wal-mart run.  It was cold outside and we didn't want to hastle with trying to buckle the girls into the stroller with their heavy coats on nor did we want to mess with the shopping cart cover (freezing our own baggets off).  SO we eached grabbed a kid and hauled tail into the store and gave the girls thier first shopping cart ride! haha.  They had a great time.  Maddie especially liked shouting at all the people that walked by. 

I have had this blog for over a year now and I decided to take a page out of another bloggers' book and reference last years posts.  It astounds me, really, to look back on the time.  :)

November 10, 2010

I am a part of the masses...

... that have a fb page!  Yes, I finally gave in to the peer pressure and did it.  Of course, look what happened.  I haven't posted on my blog in forever.  :( I realized the other day that I had put Halloween pics on my fb page and not on here!  What am I to do?!  It's hard not being addicted.  I need more self control!

So there is a lot to catch up on.  First, the girls are getting so big.  They laugh and play and are a joy to be around all.the.time.  It is really hard to have a bad day!  It's blissful.  They are feeding themselves their bottle and then I feed them solid food.  Then they have some finger food like cheese or puffs.   They have come so far in the last year and I am so proud of them... and of myself!  I know the girls wouldn't be doing this good had I not had the stubbornness determination that I do.  Sit down, because what I am going to tell you next will floor you.  They continue to eat 24+ oz of formula (12-24 months) a day plus.... are you ready for it.... 80 jars of baby food every two weeks!  That's right, I said 80.  Everyone tells me, "oh, you've got to put them on table food." "oh my! why don't you feed them the same food you eat (blended)"  My answer:  Why?  Why am I going to rush them into eating food that they cannot really handle yet.  They still have an incredibly strong gag reflex so stage 3 food is a challenge-they are improving though.  And I am NOT complaining-I'm bragging!  I think it is friggin fabulous that they are enjoying their food and want to eat.  AND, why in the hell would I escape the convenience of jar food and try to blend everything we eat?  There is such a variety of organic baby foods that I don't have that kind of time!

Everyday they do something that makes me laugh.  Like, last night, Maddie kept trying to sit on Jeff's and my head.  (we were laying on the floor and it is a super fun game to crawl all over mom and dad)  We kept trying to lay her next to us, but she persisted. Jeff finally let her sit on his head and when she did, she farted!  hahaha!  Then she giggles and giggled.  I think Mickie knew it was going to happen because then she laughed and clapped as if she approved!  Friggin funny.

Halloween turned out exceptionally well considering we had to stop at three places, spread from one side of town to the other.  The girls didn't mind their costume at all and Jeff and I ate between stops and the girls got to try their first curly fries!  (loved 'em, btw!)  They crashed when we got home and it was the BEST Halloween that I have had in a really long time!

I have started listening to Christmas carols (actually, I started a week before Halloween!) and the girls and I jam whenever we are in the car.  They "sing" all the songs with me.  It's great.  I can only imagine what the passer by thinks when they see me singing and laughing with myself, not knowing that the two funniest girls are in the back seat!  This last Monday they turned 13 months old.  yowza. 

November 1, 2010

Product Review

Two very enthusiastic thumbs up are given from me to the Halo Sleeper!  I have been trying to figure out how to keep the girls warm at night.  Last week, Maddie woke up about every hour.  I would cover her up and she would get uncovered within the hour and cry out again.  They wear fleece, footed pj's with a onsie and socks underneath. 

Then, I went to Kohls and they didn't have Krap.  In fact the woman accused me of not knowing how to take care of my babies and that I was keeping them too hot, then they sweat, then they get cold.  Okay, I'm not an idiot (most of the time!).  I understand that the scenario could potentially play out that way.  But that's not what's happening.   I know this because I am their mother.  :)  I know this because I am not an idiot and I would know if they girls were sweating so much to make their clothes wet at night and make them cold.  I know this because she should keep her big, pushy mouth shut!  ANYWAY.  (kinda went off on a tangent there, but it pissed me off pretty good.)

I read that a good rule of thumb is to keep them in one more "step" above what I am.  For example, if I am wearing a t-shirt and jeans, I should put the girls in a long sleeve and jeans.  If I am wearing a long sleeve, then they should have a light jacket.  So forth.  Well, I sleep on a heated mattress with a sheet and a comforter to cover me. PLUS, the dog is my personal space heater.  So, if I were to apply the above rule, the girls would need their pj's, PLUS a blanket.  Well, good luck keeping a blanket on them.  I thought we were going to have to turn up the furnace (yes, in CO we already have to run the furnace at night with our brisk 24 degree IS November for crying out loud!) that is already set at 70 degrees.

That is until the Halo Sleeper!!  The girls love it.  I put it over their jamjam's.  I didn't hear a peep out of them all night and when I went in their room to wake them up, they were both sprawled out sleeping like the lil angels they are!  yay!