October 25, 2010

Pigtails and such

I mean, seriously.  Can they get any cuter?  I don't think so! 

This weekend was really fun.  We took the girls to the pet store and they had a blast looking at the fish and birds and cats and puppies.  They sign "dog" really well and I am trying to teach them the other signs, but right now, everything is "doggie".  :)   Then we went to have lunch and it was really great because the girls can feed themselves their bottle.  So Jeff and I got to eat while they ate their bottle and then we fed them some solid food, including some of our chicken.  They are doing really good at "chewing" their food.  They are definitely going to be ready for Turkey Day!!  :)

We got them some new shoes, and although I almost bought them Nike's, I held back.  We did need something with some tread though because they wore holes in their other shoes!  They aren't officially walking yet.  They get around in their walkers and I don't really think they will need them for much longer.  The other day, I opened the door to go outside and Mickie picked up her walker and ran towards the door! 

Mickie still has only 4 teeth, but this last weekend drooled A LOT.  So I think a couple more will be popping up soon.  Her 4 teeth include two middle ones on bottom and fangs on top!  (I am told that this is a sign of a genius, which stands to reason because I got fangs first too!)

Maddie has 6 teeth, three on top and three on bottom.  They are all skewed to the left though!  (her right).  haha. When she smiles, she smiles with her whole mouth! 

They are going to be little lambs for Halloween.  If I dressed up, I would be mary (and her little lambs) and Jeff could be the big bad wolf! 


Mermaid said...

Very cute! I can't wait for pigtails on my daughter. Right now she's sporting the pixie style hair, but maybe some will grow some day.

Mermaid said...
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Kahla said...

I totally think ya'll should dress up with the girls, that would be so cute!

They are adorable, that's for sure!!!!

mybumpyjourney said...

awwww. they are so freakin' cute!
I love the idea of Mary and her little lambs withe the big bad wolf! LOL To aweseome!

WiseGuy said...

Oh they look adorable!

Your Halloween idea is great too!

Amanda said...

I agree! I doesn't get much cuter than that!