October 8, 2010

I remember...

The last year has held a plethora of new things-most of them brilliant and wonderful, some of them extremely difficult.  This morning last year, at 1:32 and 1:38 Madison and Mackenzie, respectively, entered the world. 
I remember...
  • holding them for what seemed like a nano second before they were whisked off to the NICU. 
  • that I could NOT stop shaking after delivery.
  • how scared I was to "break" one of them.
  • how small they were.
  • how protective I was (am!)
  • feeding them at the same time in their high chairs.  They were so tiny, they were barely big enough. 
  • first smiles
  • rolling over
  • first solid food
  • first crawls
  • first teeth
  • first "real" tears
  • first words - both said momma first!
  • first sign- doggie!
  • first Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, 4th of July, etc
  • growing out of bouncy chairs, the infant bath, and car seats.
  • discovering all the unknown wonders of the upstairs
  • climbing up the stairs (and poor Maddie falling down them :( too)
  • first trip to the zoo
  • first family vacation
  • dancing in the crib after baths
  • waking up to beautiful smiling faces everyday
  • being able to say "my daughters"
  • my first Mother's day with children/Jeff's first Father's day with children
  • the first time one of the girls slept on my chest
  • carrying a sleeping baby into the house
  • their first swimming pool experience
  • the first time they sat and played in the grass
  • new food tastes-most good, some not-so-good!
  • going to the state fair
  • swinging for the first time
  • my heart breaking when they got hurt
  • the love I felt when they reached for me and hugged me
My love for my family is endless.  I can't tell you how lucky I am to have these two. 

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WiseGuy said...

Happy Happy Birthday to both the girls!

I pray and wish them happiness throughout.

You are a wonderful mother!