October 20, 2010

Finger Prick My Ass.

I know what your thinking, "what the hell does that mean?"  haha, lemme explain.

So, I took the girls to the doctor on Monday for their 12 month vaccinations, flu shot, check up, and torture.  :)

Madison weighs 19 lbs, 10 oz and Mackenzie weighs 20 lbs even.  Which, given that they were preemies is friggin awesome.  The nurse even said that there were not a lot of full term babies that got to 20 lbs at a year!  a woo hoo for the girlies!  Mackenzie is an inch taller (longer) than Maddie at 28 and 3/4 ", But Maddie's head is bigger.  I can't remember the number's though.  (They were going to write them down for me, but ??)

They proceeded to give them their three vaccinations and a flu shot to which we need a booster in a month.   They cried,  but handled it well.  The shots were nothing compared to what followed. 

We were told that they were going to test the girls for anemia and that it would be a finger prick test.  No biggie. We went across the hall to the lab and the lady asks me, "did they tell you it would be a finger prick?"  I of course say, "yes."  She says, "we'll it's not.  We have to take blood the same way we draw blood from an adult." 

I very hesitantly take Maddie in the little room.  She is still kinda traumatized from the shots and the fact that the whole doctors visit took place during normal nap time.  So the girls were just a bit cranky anyway.  Maddie and I sat in the chair with her blankie and I "rocked" back and forth and sang to her while she wanted so badly just to dose off.  Poor little thing-not gonna happen.

The woman comes in with a helper and says, "let me show you how to hold her to minimize bruising."  UM, WTF??  If we weren't already strapped into the chair, I might have made a run for it at that point!  So, with Maddie in the middle of my lap, I held her legs between mine, held one arm across her chest and wrapped my other arm across her body while two people stretched out her little free arm and drew blood.  The second they put the rubber band thingy around her arm she started screaming.  I think partly because it hurts when they do that and partly because she was scared.to.death.  My poor baby.  :(

Rinse and Repeat.  Jeff took Maddie, who was holding on to me so tight I thought he might have to go in with Mickie.  She went to him though after realizing who he was, and he held her the whole time I went back in with Mickie.  She buried her head in his neck and I thought he was going to start crying!  I took Mickie in and same thing.   When it was over, once again, Mickie buried her head in my neck and we all left to go home.

I do have to give the guy (helper) credit because he was the one that actually drew the blood and he nailed it first try with both girls. 

The girls were asleep in the car before I even got out of the parking lot, so I drove around for an hour so that they could sleep.  I gave them a bottle when we got home and, to my surprise, they were ready to play!
The rest of the night was great.  They played, took a bath, had one last bottle, went to bed and I didn't hear a peep all night!  I was expecting to have fussy babies all night and be in there every hour-not so!  I have such brave, resilient little girls!

AND! Yesterday, I put in pigtails for the first time... Well, I have tried before, but they screamed and I gave up.  This time they didn't fight me at all.  I will post pics soon. 


Kahla said...

I can't believe they actually took blood for that, that is crazy! Our pedi's office did a finger prick and a little amount of blood in a vial. Poor baby girls and poor mom and dad! I would have cried! At least they are all better now, but ugh. Congrats on growing such healthy girls, they are right up there with Emery!

WiseGuy said...

Well, I am not sure if I would be able to handle a screaming child.

I was very afraid of the needles as a child and most of my teenage years. I wonder how my mother got through with me on that.

First haircut, first shot...God!

Anyways, I am glad the girls did well, even with the way the blood was drawn.

~Hollie said...

Umm, not cool. That is so strange that they had to have a venous stick for checking anemia? Usually, for all pediatric blood tests, they only need a small capillary tube. They have special machines that read smaller amounts vs adult sized amounts. We found this out after they took an enormous amount of blood from Hollis at the ER and our Dr found out and subsequently freaked.
Glad that after the trauma, all seemed to go well for the rest of the day. Resilient lil kiddos, Good for them!
I have put off Hollis' 12 mo check up because I am so tired of shots and screaming and drs etc. I just needed a few weeks without all that. But, I made the appt yesterday, we go next week. Crossing my fingers that I can handle it.
Yeah for M&M growing up to be such big girls, see Mommy, you've done good! Congrats on the first year under your belt!

mybumpyjourney said...

Poor baby girls! They can do a CBC (complete blood count) with a finger prick if they have the proper machine for it in the office. it is the little micro catchers like they do heel sticks in babies. We did finger sticks on adults if they were good bleeders. Sometimes that can be worse though b/c you have to milk the finger to get the 0.4ml of blood needed- plus seeing the blood really makes some kids freak out more.

I don't think there is ANY good way- but it is even worse with the bigger needles b/c you ahve to hold them down. :( Glad they were okay later!

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