October 11, 2010

Everything I Imagined

... And more! 

When we found out that we couldn't get pregnant without medical intervention, I remember telling Jeff how upset I was because it wasn't "how I had ever imagined it would be."  Throughout an extremely tough pregnancy, it wasn't "how I had ever imagined it would be."  In the first nine months of the girls life, struggling with screaming babies, I cried A-LOT because none of this was "how I had ever imagined it would be."

Well, the girls' first birthday was last week and it was EVERYTHING I imagined it would be!  My heart is bursting with happiness.  This whole weekend has been friggin wonderful.  I'd like to share it with bullets. :)

  • Friday was the girls' actual birthday and after work, we went to the grocery store to get last minute party favors, cake (three cakes actually.  One for each of the girls and one for the rest of us!), ice cream, etc. 
  • Saturday morning, we slept in a little (7 a.m... Normal day starts at 5 a.m.).  Jeff and I put together the toys that we had got them and they waited, ever so patiently.  Then they played! and played!
  • When they went down for a nap, Jeff and I went into full gear and decorated for the party.  Jeff went and picked up the balloons and liquor (... for the adults!) and I put the finishing touches on the house.
  • We got the girls up and brought them downstairs and they were in awe of the house!  We think they thought, "when did Winnie the Pooh move in?"
  • We fed them and played and put them down for their afternoon nap while we got ready and put the food out.  Guests arrived and while everyone was getting settled and having some dinner, I got the girls up and put them in their party dresses! 
  • They looked B-E-A-UTIFUL! 
  • Jeff and I sat on either side of them and helped them open presents.  We sang "Happy Birthday" twice-once for each girl.  And they enjoyed tearing into their cake!
  • Everyone left and the girls ate their bottle and crashed.
  • Sunday morning was an early start because Jeff is out of town on business again this week.  We had to get him to the airport at 7 a.m. (hour drive).  Sunday was also our 12th anniversary. (10-10-98)
  • I got home and the girls didn't want to take a nap because they had slept on the drive to and from the airport, so we played.  We played and watched Christmas Vacation!  (It's October-I broke out the Christmas movies!)  It was fabulous. 
  • The girls went down for a nap and slept for two and a half hours! I slept for about an hour, myself! 
  • We got ready to go and went to my nephews birthday party in the evening.
  • Monday morning-off to work (I am "working" right now!).
I will post pictures soon-I left my friggin camera at my sisters house!! Dammit.

PS-there are a few things that pissed me off this weekend that should be in a post all of their own... Like my mother being Johnny Rain Cloud.  ALL.DAMN.WEEKEND. Oh-the drama.   Like my SIL storming out of the house after she found out we bought a new car (she has money issues and is unable to buy a new car at this point.  But is that my fault?  It's not like we flaunted our car.. It was in the garage.  Had she not went out for a beer, she would have never know).  Like my father thinking it's okay to give the girls chocolate before I want them to take a nap.  Like my mother telling me I am wasting money on formula-"they are a year old now.  Give them cows milk."  Um.  I don't want to.  I like the nutrition they get from formula (we did graduate to a "toddler" formula 12-24 months (sniffle), they are getting so big) and since it still makes up about 60% of their diet, I will keep them on formula. 

Well, there you go.  Maybe these don't need a post of their own!


mybumpyjourney said...

awww! I am so glad that their b'day was everything you ever imagined. You all deserve it girl! I can't wait to see the pictures. Thanks for checking on me btw. It was the kick in the pants to write a post. :)

Holy Crap, I can't believe they are a year old!! WOW!!!

Amanda said...

I'm glad the birthday weekend was a good one. It must have been so fun to see their little faces light up.

I don't blame you on the follow up formula. I plan on extended breastfeeding... their little brains are still growing so much and toddlers are not always the best eaters, a little extra nutrition is good.