September 1, 2010

Too cool (literally)

How do I get my babies to stay covered up at night??  It's not like it's cold in my house-as I try to keep it a constant 70-72 degrees year round!  (hehe.  I am spoiled).  But it is cool enough that when I get them up in the morning, their skin is cool to the touch and they are curled up in little baby balls.  (Too cute, btw).

I go in and cover them up after they fall asleep, I go in once or twice in the night to cover them up too.  It just seems as though five minutes later, they are uncovered again. 

At what age do they start realizing that being covered up is good?  In the mean time, I just spent $121.00 on fleece pj's.. and socks... and a couple of stuffed animals... mostly pj's though-4 pairs each. :)


Kahla said...

We used a fleece sleep-sack on Chase, but Emery HATES it so we are in the same boat. We have a Carter's outlet by us (thank God) and I'm getting fleece pjs.

What IF? said...

Your comment on my blog had me smiling. I feel the same about reading your updates!

You always make me feel less alone in the universe, and it's so fun to know there are two other girls out there who are up to the same monkey business at the same moment in time.

We've been dressing ours in onesies with cotton zippered sleepsuits/PJs over it for the same reason. It's easier to just peel that extra layer off when they wake up in the morning. ;-)

It's too hot here at the moment for them to wear fleece PJs, but we'll do that later in the fall.

They have sleep sacks too, but don't like them...

Mine have cotton blankets (breathable in case they get tangled) but they suck on them and hold them for comfort, so it's never actually over their little bodies.

Amanda said...

When my baby is out, he's out... not much movement at all. He still sleeps wearing his swaddle, but with his arms out. I think unless you have a heavy sleeper like mine it's either warmer PJs or sleep sack.