September 8, 2010

First family vaca!

Over the long weekend, we went with my MIL to a time share in Breckenridge (link).  For those that are familiar, "Breck" is a ski town.  However, there is MUCH to do in the summer as well.  Last year, we went there for the 4th of July when I was preggo (with out MIL) and had a blast, so this year with MIL invited us we thought "Sure! It'll be SO relaxing."  Well, it wasn't really relaxing-but it was SUPER fun.  (PS-seems that this post is going to be all decked out with CAPS.)

At first, I was intimidated to even think of taking the girls anywhere because of the shear volume of STUFF needed. We went to the state fair last weekend and had the stroller, car seats (cuz the girls eat better when they are sitting in car seats rather than just holding them... I have conditioned them to be strapped down to eat... good and bad thing I guess. Anyway.), blankets, cooler, wagon, umbrella, diaper bag, and of course the babies! So to think of a three day weekend and everything we needed... Oi.

It went very smoothly thanks to my anal super organized tendencies. Of course, we had the truck LOADED.  We have a max cab Toyota Tundra and in the BACK we had our bikes and the bike trailer, the wagon, a bin full of toys and music and movies, the stroller, a bin full of feeding stuff, two pac n play's that functioned as their "cribs", and another bin of blankets, diaper bag, and misc.  INSIDE, we had the car seats (with babies in them of course!), two suitcases for hubby and I, a bag of clothes for the girls, a small cooler, more toys, my purse, pillows, jackets, and another "easy access" blanket for a picnic.  Oh-and a small tool box cuz hubby might need to fix somethin'.  :)  We didn't take the dogs on this trip-but if we did we would have needed a trailer!! 

The hotel pools were amazing!  It was so kid friendly, and I wasn't expecting that!  The girls loved playing in the water and now bath time is just plain boring.  The weather wasn't cooperating too much as it was pretty cold and windy.  OVERALL, I consider our first family vacation a success! 

Lunch in the real South Park



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Kahla said...

They are sooo cute! Looks like a fun time, I always thought I'd move to Colorado when I was younger. Then I met DH and now I'm stuck in TX forever! ;o)