September 20, 2010

Baby poo helps the re-sale value

So, this weekend, we bought a new car.  And it's purty.  Let me back up the mini van, first:  When the girls were around 7 months old, I started to feel the fatigue of being a SAHM to twin girls who screamed constantly.  I didn't have a car and was feeling like a caged animal.  A lioness pacing the cage, looking outward for an escape!

We went looking for a car.  Now, I have never pictured myself as a mini van person, but that's what I bought and it worked really well at the time.  It had so much room for the girls and all of their stuff and for the dogs.  At that time, I wasn't back to work and had no foreseeable plans to come back to work.  I was free.  I had my van and all was good.

(On a side note, I had promised myself a brand new car, way back when.  I had promised myself that if both DH and I were working that I would buy the car I wanted.) 

So about a month after I bought the van, I came back to work and while, I still liked the functionality of the van-it isn't what I wanted.  So for the last month I have been test driving new cars to find the one I just can't live without! 

Saturday, we were at the Subaru dealer and I was test driving the Outbacks.  Meanwhile, Jeff was feeding the girls and strollering them around the parking lot.  (what a great hubby.)  I decided that I wanted to see how everything "fit" into the Outback and was preparing to transfer things over.  Jeff was changing Maddie's diaper in the van.  It turned out that Madison exploded.  I mean-there was poo EVERYWHERE.  All over Jeff, all over Maddie, all over the sheet that is generally used to keep hair from the dogs off the seat.  And the smell- OMG it was stinky!

The salesman came over and asked me, "did you see how everything fit?"  I said, "um.  Not yet.  We had a technical difficulty."  So Jeff, being a true sport, cleans everything up and puts it in a plastic sack.  We get everything put into the Outback and all go for another test drive to see how it feels.  Before we pull off of the lot, Jeff says, "I think I had better grab that sack out of the van, just in case."  See, it's 90 degree's outside and baked poo that was already stinking, isn't going to get any less stinky!

We got back and decided that we wanted the car.  While I was negotiating and Jeff was taking care of the girls, a couple liked our van and bought it practically before we even got off the lot!!  Good thing Jeff got the poo outta there. :)  So I am now the proud owner of a 2011 Outback.  It's purty. :)

Sunday we went to the park and the girls lurved the swings!! So I will leave you with a couple pics.


Amanda said...

The girls look so happy in their swing!

I'm glad you got your car. That's pretty amazing about your mini van being practically sold on the spot.

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