August 10, 2010

Gas man- er lady.

That's me! Haha. Let me explain (please-before you go telling all of your friends that I am the gas lady!)

It seems as though I have become the all knowing "what to do with babies that have gas" gal. Yes, that's right, if your baby is suffering from gas, call me. I will know what to do. :)

I really don't have a problem giving people some assvice as to what to do- exercises, formula, feeding schedule, bottles, etc. My girls had everything from "colic" to "reflux" to "hiatal hernias" to "food allergies" to "possible rare diseases" and so on. What it came down to, apparently, was an underdeveloped digestion system. The key for us was when they learned how to crawl. Unfortunately, it's not like you can get the baby to crawl at two months old! (especially a premature baby that is almost 2 months behind anyway... that'd be like crawling right out of the womb...hmmm. I digress)

So, my relatives and friends always tell people to call me. "Oh-you had twins?? Call chelle." "oh, your baby suffers from colic? Call chelle." "You think your baby is having trouble eating?? Call chelle!"

I am happy that we are finally at a stage where the babies can eat solid food (YAY!) and they don't scream afterward. And if you want assvice from the gas lady-just let me know!


My Bumpy Journey said...

I am so glad they (and you!) are finally get some relief from the agony!!!!! YIPPPEEE!!!

Kahla said...

Ha, maybe you should start charging!!! ;o) I'm so glad the girls are doing better, that's got to be a huge relief!

What IF? said...

Oh, sweet relief. I'm so happy to hear the girls are doing better and that they're crawling. It's terrifying and gratifying, all rolled into one. ;-)