August 31, 2010


Can you tell whose biscuits these are?  They are Mickie's.

August 26, 2010


So I am not the queen of multi-tasking, because I am sure some ladies could have done this naked and on fire! But I am pretty darn good and consider myself, at least, in the royal family.  The picture hardly does me justice however, because this is after the walk when the dogs were tired.  You have to imagine me strategically holding the tan dog (Winston) with the same hand that I pull the wagon because he is a good walker.  You also have to imagine my other arm flailing around trying to keep control of the black dog (Salem) because he is NOT a good walker.  (in fact, he failed that part of obedience school!) In the mean time, Mickie keeps throwing her sippy cup out of the wagon and Maddie keeps trying to touch her cookie on the wheel.  My cell phone is in my front pocket, my keys (fashionably) attached to my belt loop, and the garage door opener in my back pocket.

PS-I really need to do something with my hair.  It looks like a modern day mullet.  It's okay.  You can agree with me.  :)

August 24, 2010

Time is a flyin

I am starting to think about the girls 1st birthday (eeeeshk! It's in less than 2 months!)and what sort of theme I should do. I have thought about a princess theme... How 'bout barbies?? Did I just age myself? Isn't it some Dora gal that's popular now? haha.

Any thoughts?

AND how about Halloween?! I often call them my little M & M's, so I may go with that and have them be those tasty little candies... I think I will make their costumes, as that would be easy enough. I had better get started though!

August 20, 2010

August 19, 2010

Learning to climb mountains

Maddie recently climbed her version of Mt. Everest (our stairs) and she goes super S.L.O.W. (which is fine) So I didn't get video, but I did take these cute pics. What's funny is that she uses her toes to help her climb! It is friggin adorable. Scroll down for video of Mickie tackling that same feat last week :)

Here is a pic of Mickie cuz I can't post a pic of one and not the other!

August 16, 2010

The right tool for the job

Parenting is a job, as we all know. You need the correct tools for the job in order to complete it with less difficulty. I mean-we can't use a hammer and a chisel?

Things (tools) along this journey so far that have been most valuable when you have two babies:

Schedule: My friends (with one baby) preached and preached to me to get them on a schedule right away. I was pretty lucky in the fact that the NICU got them on a schedule and we just had to "keep to it." SO many people ask me, "how did you get them to sleep all night at 2 1/2 months?" My answer, "schedule." We fed the girls every three hours and used the "EASY" methodology, which stands for Eat, Activity, Sleep, You (time). So that's what we did in three hour increments. If they were still sleeping when it was time to eat, I would wake them up to eat (this if frowned upon by some)... EXCEPT AT NIGHT. I let them sleep as long as they wanted at night. That's the goal right? :) Then at around 2.5 months, they started sleeping 7-9 hours at night. Blissful.

Bouncy chairs: They slept in their bouncy chairs for the first 4 months of their life. I transitioned them to the crib by placing the vibrating part of the chair (most come off of the chair.. and mine actually shut off after 30 minutes so it wasn't running all night) under a pillow at the bottom of their crib. When you can't rock two babies at once, you have to improvise! I still used their bouncy chairs for naps during the day. I would set them on the floor, and I would bounce them both to sleep for nap times. Again, when you can't rock two babies at once, these chairs were essential to my survival!

Travel system: By far the easiest way to cart around two babies. IMO. I am pretty sad that they are too big to "travel" this way now.

Baby Einstein dvds: They have been watching baby Einstein and baby signing since about a month old. It is really nice to put into the kitchen TV and after meal times, they can sit and digest and relax. I also put these shows on and put a monitor in the room while I take a shower or I am cooking dinner.

Bumbo: The best thing to get your baby burping and pooping! Sitting up helped my babies digestion immensely. (some people say that it actually hinders digestion because they are "scrunched" at the tummy. I don't agree. I think gravity plays a huge role in digestion and it worked for us.) I could practically time their poos too. :) Not that I would want to.

Food Baskets: These are about the best thing since sliced cheese! We tried to give the girls something to chew on to help teeth and to get used to solids. We used to give them carrots, but they weren't too keen on just plain ole carrots. We tried other things (bananas, pizza crust, cantaloupe, etc) and they would choke every time. SCARY. So this gal tells me one day, go to babies r us and get these food baskets that are a netting material. We did and I love them! We put anything and everything in there we don't have to worry about them choking!

Do you have something you couldn't live without? Maybe it's something I should try!

August 12, 2010

Funny videos

This is Mickie climbing her version of Mt. Everest! We taught her how to climb stairs one time last week and last night when I was changing Maddie, (and I was quick too. I have to tell you that when it comes to changing diapers, I am a gold medalist) I came back out and Mickie was at the top of the stairs! I got the camera (obviously) and made her do it again. I give Maddie a couple of days and she'll be climbing the mountain too! She's trying, but just can't get there! PS-turn down your volume so that you don't hear my gay voice.

The other night, we had worn out the girls so much that when we went for our evening walk, they fell asleep!

August 10, 2010

Gas man- er lady.

That's me! Haha. Let me explain (please-before you go telling all of your friends that I am the gas lady!)

It seems as though I have become the all knowing "what to do with babies that have gas" gal. Yes, that's right, if your baby is suffering from gas, call me. I will know what to do. :)

I really don't have a problem giving people some assvice as to what to do- exercises, formula, feeding schedule, bottles, etc. My girls had everything from "colic" to "reflux" to "hiatal hernias" to "food allergies" to "possible rare diseases" and so on. What it came down to, apparently, was an underdeveloped digestion system. The key for us was when they learned how to crawl. Unfortunately, it's not like you can get the baby to crawl at two months old! (especially a premature baby that is almost 2 months behind anyway... that'd be like crawling right out of the womb...hmmm. I digress)

So, my relatives and friends always tell people to call me. "Oh-you had twins?? Call chelle." "oh, your baby suffers from colic? Call chelle." "You think your baby is having trouble eating?? Call chelle!"

I am happy that we are finally at a stage where the babies can eat solid food (YAY!) and they don't scream afterward. And if you want assvice from the gas lady-just let me know!