July 22, 2010

Well, it seems as if Mickie has really turned the corner in the last couple of weeks. I am going to try solid food again next week. She is crawling like a champ and her stomach doesn't feel like a balloon about ready to pop. Maddie is starting to crawl, but mostly in reverse. Her stomach still feels like a balloon, but not as bad.. Even though I feel like she still may have problems, I am going to try solid food with her next week too. We have actually enjoyed feeding time the last week or so. For the first time in 9 months. It's been wonderful! (It is just my luck, btw, that we finally get the girls tested and diagnosed and they grew/are growing out of it.)

Lemme share with you a story: The night before last, I took Maddie in the nursery to change her diaper and didn't put up the doggie gate (it's a baby gate, but for so long we used it for doggies-not babies!). I went back in the play room and Mickie was gone! I freaked out, obviously, and immediately checked the bottom of the stairs. She wasn't there, thank goodness! I found her in our room headed straight for the closet! That girl loves shoes!!! (just like her momma)

Then, last night, she proceeded to pull the jumper gym
on top of her and Maddie! Maddie didn't even cry but I think Mickie freaked herself out by how strong she is! :)

In other words, keeping up with Mickie is VERY challenging so far... I am afraid of when Maddie gets to going full speed!!

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