June 9, 2010

Update and some Changes

The girls finally did their scope. The GI found nothing. Everything looked normal. We proceeded to do a pH probe study. They did wonderfully given the situation (tube down their throat monitoring the pH overnight.) We go to the GI this next Monday to see what the results of that test are, plus the biopsy results and lab work. The girls still can't tolerate solid food. I feed them anything other than 2 teaspoons of pears to take their prevacid and they scream for hours. We are maintaining our sanity on Enfamil AR. They are gaining weight and we are hanging in there until we get some answers from the GI.

In the mean time, there are several changes that are happening in my life. I guess the first is that I have come back to work (which will give me more time to blog!) I am able to bring the girls with me, so it is the best of both worlds. I have a nursery, playroom, and "kitchen" set up so that I just load them up and come to work. I get to work as little or as many hours as I want. These are the perks of working for family. :)

Second and biggest change may be in the making. My marriage is going down the shitter real fast. I blame infertility mostly. Even though we have kids now, we lost who each other was on our journey to doing so.

... (long pause).... That's it I guess. I would elaborate more on my failing marriage, but just don't have the energy right now. Maybe later.


Amanda said...

I'm really sorry to hear about your marriage. I've found that having a baby has really changed things for us, I would imagine that twins (with severe GI problems) would make things extremely difficult... not to mention what years of IF can do.

I hope you get some answers on the girls' GI troubles too. I just cannot imagine dealing with hours and hours of screaming twins.

Teresa & Connie said...

Oh Chelle I am so sorry to hear about you and your hubby. And sorry to hear that the girls aren't 100% better. I was so excited to see your update. Boo:(
Let me know if you need ANYTHING. I'm serious. Just like you were serious when we were going thru our sh*t. Call/text me if you get a chance. Sending love your way!

MyBumpyJourney said...

The Shiiter is never a good place for things to be huh? I am sorry for whatever is going on- unfortunately I can understand. I struggle with trying to keep an idenity other than an infertile un-mother. Sigh. The suckiness of infertility never ends...even after motherhood is achieved.
Sorry about the girls' tummies. That just sucks butt. Hopefully you will get an answer soon.
I just had a thought- Maybe the girls don't want to eat solid food b/c you would stop doing the "SHAKEY DANCE" whenever you fix formula. :)
Love you Chelle!!!

What IF? said...

I'm so sorry to read about the girls not doing any better and your marriage.

A wise woman once told me not to make any big life decisions the first few years after giving birth.

The stress, the adjustment, the new identity that comes with parenting, the sleep deprivation, the changes in one's relationship with one's partner brought about by having children (especially after infertility), the lack of time for oneself and one's partner, not to mention the fact that it often takes a year + for hormones to settle after having multiples, etc. etc.

You should obviously do what you feel is right for you and your children. Just know that you are still in the midst of a HUGE life changing experience compounded by TWO sick babies.

Sending you big hugs and lots of strength.

~Hollie said...

Oh Chelle...I just want to hug you.

1- Glad the scope went well. 2- Let us know when you hear something from the other tests 3- work thing sounds good too, and Im glad we will get to hear from you more often 4- the marriage thing... I hear ya LOUD AND CLEAR! I know our marriage has suffered, IMMENSELY from the last 6 years of IF and the incredible upheaval of life AFTER a baby is born. All I can do is offer a sympathetic ear and truly hope for the best in all situations. Im praying for you, babies and hubs.

Kahla said...

Oh my God, how did I miss this post??? It never updated on my blog, showed the None the Wiser post as your last post until the one from today. Most go back and reread and then I'll comment on the other one.